Alessandra Iorio
General Information
Domain: Illusion
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Family & Friends
Family: Calogero Iorio (brother)
Zara Iorio (sister)
Cristiano Iorio (brother)
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: Season One
Last appearance: Season One
Portrayer: Ekaterina Kiseleva


Most of her time spent as a child was quiet. She was a shy individual who didn’t like to argue with anyone, be it friends, her parents, or even her siblings. While she mostly kept to herself, she didn’t mind the quiet time at all. She was happier playing alone because she hated confrontation or potential arguments. One activity that the girl did take up was chess, which helped strengthen her intellectual comprehension, and gave birth to her analytical viewing of people and their individual characteristics.

Whenever her brother Cristiano was injured in a fight with a Shadowkind when they were younger, it was Alessandra who he could count on the most to not baby him. The two were close, best friends even, and often looked out for one another throughout any objective they faced. Even with the few year difference in between their ages, they never let it become an objective in their friendship. The brother and sister duo stayed strong throughout whatever problem the family faced.

When Calogero announced that the family would be relocated to the Azoth Estate in Seattle, WA, Alessandra was at first horrified. She didn’t want to leave behind Italy, where she had grown up all of her life. While at first she was tempted to refuse to leave, it was Cristiano who eventually convinced her to go without putting up a fuss. She knew that her parents were more than likely never coming back, unless help could be found in the other families, so she went to America without putting up a fight.

Season OneEdit

Alessandra mostly kept to herself and her family whenever the move was completed. She didn’t very much trust the other families, other than those that hers had been somewhat close to during the years she grew up, but she took to watching them and figuring out whom she thought she could trust and whom she couldn’t. Oftentimes, she was found with Cristiano simply watching the others and betting on who would be the first to leave.

When the fiasco between the Sterlings and the Iorios erupted due to the death of Vanyel, she broke out of her shy bubble and chastised the Head of the Conjurer family for putting the blame of death on her brother. She tore into him with words of venom, criticizing him for blaming her family for the idiotic misery his brother caused. While it was a bit harsh because of Vanyel’s death, the words had to be spoken and she was pleased that she was the one to do so. Eventually, the families all reconciled, though she held a disliking for Gavin Sterling for quite a while afterwards.

When Cristiano made the decision to follow Gavin in his hunt for a magical artifact to aid them in the war, Alessandra went with them, not wanting her brother to be alone. When they returned, they all separated to help in the war engaging Azoth, and Alessandra returned to find her brother being viciously ripped apart by a group of vampires. Losing her sanity at the sight, she attacked the vampires, casting them in a well-crafted illusion that held massive phantasmal effects.

The great power she put forth was fueled by her grief, and eventually she became susceptible to her own attacks, losing herself within her own power. The vampires were killed, though the phantasmal effects backfired on her and corroded her mind, killing her as well.