Andrew Wickham
General Information
Domain: Transmutation
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Family & Friends
Family: Dariun Wickham (brother)
Narelle Wickham (sister)
Theodore Wickham (brother)
Behind the Scenes
Portrayer: Daniel Brühl


Growing up, Andrew was born a leader. He always wanted to set the perfect examples for his brothers and sister, whether he was pushing them to do their best or teaching them how to better. The older he became, the calmer he got. He was the one that they all looked up to. If presented with a problem, Andrew was quick to think before he acted. He always looked for the best solution, one that benefited everyone and not just himself.

All of his life, the eldest Transmuter lived in Australia. While there were many times that his family thought about leaving, they always stayed grounded. It was as if they believed Australia to be a safe haven. After all, their location was what kept the Leopolds from taking their children along with the rest. Andrew was mostly thankful – though he always loved the country, he regretted not being able to explore any other.

Sometimes his position as ‘big brother’ led him to feel taken advantage of. Though he knew that wasn’t the case most of the time, he couldn’t help but feel as if he had no other purpose other than to help his siblings whenever they needed him. To deal with these feelings, he focused on hunting as the sole problem-solver. Whenever he could be, he was out tracking the various Shadowkind that showed up in Australia. The times he was gone, he sometimes forgot to contact his family. At first, they thought he had either run away or gotten killed, though he’d eventually show up each time.

When the Behemoth showed up in Australia, Andrew realized too late that it was the beast he had been tracking for a while. When the gargantuan fiend trampled onto the Wickham’s land, it quickly demolished their estate and killed his unsuspecting brother, Dariun before Andrew could warn him. He witnessed his other brother, Theodore, get ripped to pieces, before he died himself.