Annabella Ashford
General Information
Domain: Enchantment
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: Hazel
Family & Friends
Family: Nolan Ashford (father)
Jeanne Ashford (mother)
William Ashford (brother)
Devlin Ashford (uncle)
Kayla Ashford (aunt)
Lorelei Ashford (cousin)
Michael Ashford (cousin)
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: Season Three
Portrayer: Emma Roberts


Born to the Ashford’s as the baby of the family, Annabella was traditionally raised as the youngest – spoiled, protected, and adored. Full of life, optimism, and a splash of sarcasm, she hated being treated as if she were being babied. Looking for her own foot in the world, she rebelled whenever she had the chance in order to make her own name known. She didn’t want to be seen as ‘just another Ashford’, wanting to be strong on her own and not have to be protected by her elders. Though she could play the part of the baby sister—quiet, obedient, “special”—she always had a mind of her own, which she expressed if she thought she was being overlooked because of her young age. With a growing maturity present since her youth, it didn’t take her long to be respected by her peers and earn the trust of her parents. Though her brother William second-guessed her ability to take care of herself more often than he should, he was often proven wrong and learned to never underestimate his sister’s abilities. In the Alternate Reality, Annabella managed to escape the attack from the Leopolds, and has taken to giving the respect to her brother that he has earned as Head of the Enchanters. However, she is still one to voice her opinion if she thinks that her abilities are being called into question.

Season ThreeEdit

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