General Information
Domain: Essentian
Gender: Male
Age: Ageless
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Family & Friends
Family: Aristrasza (father)
Eranastrasza (mother)
Friends: Jason Price
Gabrielle Sommers
Gideon Shaw
Tobias Wakefield
Danae Wrede
Colby Miller
Employer: The Ancients
Enemies: Shadowkind
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: Alchemy, Season Three
Portrayer: Alex Pettyfer


Before becoming an Essentian, Arikstrasza was a mighty silver dragon, son of Aristrasza and Eranastrasza. His father was one of the elder dragons of the silver dragons and was well respected with the other metallic dragons. He wasn't famous for going out of his way to help, like a gold dragon would be, but when called upon for help, he was always there, and glad to help in any situation. This was something that he did inherit from both of his parents, and most silver dragons inherited from theirs as well. Arik only had six siblings, and he was the youngest of them, but as he matured, he grew into a large and rather powerful dragon. He grew to be much larger and more powerful than his brothers and sisters easily. He had natural prowess in battle, but still was able to maintain his natural compassion, and was even deeply saddened even when he killed a foe. A loss of life was nothing to revel over. However, he had no problem looting a fallen foe because he still was a dragon after all. One fateful day, his life changed forever when he was attacked by a rather large Red Dragon. The fight itself was a particularly nasty one, and had Arik not been able to land a few lucky swipes and tail lashes on the larger red dragon, he would have been killed. As it were though, he wasn't killed, and neither was the red dragon, and not because Arik couldn't have killed his foe, he chose not to. He chose to go with the compassion in his heart, and walked away from the dragon, although not without taking a souvenir. He wasn't perfect, as no creature ever truly is. He picked up a large red scale that had been left on the ground, and took it with him. Later on that day, without any warning, Arikstrasza was summoned to a realm that was very unfamiliar to him, and it was at wherever he was at, was where he was told about his ascendancy to the role of Essentian, and what his job would be with the Arcanists. Although his hear was broken because of their unwillingness to compromise with him to allow him to say goodbye to his family. This left him a little bitter with the ancients, but grateful for the opportunity to help. He made the transition to the new realm pretty easily, and set up his Keep at Mount Whitney, in California.

Season ThreeEdit

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