Brian Botner
General Information
Domain: Conjuration
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Occupation(s): UCLA Med Student
Intern (Good Samaritan Hospital)
Family & Friends
Friends: Alisa Madison
Riley Cameron
Monique Jackson
Enemies: Shadowkind
Other Information
Awards: Most Witty
Most Energetic
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: Alchemy, Season Three
Portrayer: Sondre Lerche


Brian Botner has a long way to go before he can rightfully call himself a doctor. That’s what his father told him as the twenty-three year old left home for good, at least. Perhaps it was that sort of positive encouragement that made Brian take the four hour flight from St. Paul, MN, to Los Angeles, CA, at the beginning of his second year of medical school. Not to say that he blamed his father, a first class neurosurgeon at Bethesda Hospital, for pushing him to succeed and give up his goal of becoming a pediatrician. Any father wants his son to be the best he can be, although Dr. L. Botner has an odd way of going about it. He has often been quoted saying to dinner guests that being a pediatrician is a “weak attempt to squirm into medicine.”

Maybe it was all of that positive encouragement that made Brian switch schools. A fresh start away from the looming cloud overhead that was his overbearing father would help him come into his own and show the world what a great doctor he could be if given the chance. So far he hasn’t done much more than scrape by, a C student in college despite his best efforts and all of those easy As back in high school. He thinks – he knows – that medicine is what he is supposed to do; it’s what his father does, his mother (an esteemed cardio surgeon), his older sister (who is completing her residency this year and planning to pursue oncology), countless relatives were all on that path. It was what he grew up with, he was told by all around him that he was meant for it just like them. He supposes this is partly why the Ancients took interest in him as a Conjurer – healing runs in the family. But besides that, he is persistent, determined, genuinely caring, good natured and has a drive to succeed. And those medical practical examinations? Those he always nailed. It was the written exams he botched; he had trouble explaining the whys and hows, but he knew what to do when he was in front of a patient.

Brian has never been much of a rebel – the most rebellious thing he’s done has been to pursue pediatric medicine instead of surgery (until the move, that is) – so stayed in the Twin Cities to go to the University of Minnesota for his Bachelors and continued into its Medical School the next fall. But at the end of this past summer, Minnesota had worn him thin, and he needed a change, something completely different from the grand old Midwest. To Los Angeles he flew after being accepted to UCLA Med as a transfer, and is currently living in an apartment off of campus all by his lonesome, which is suiting him fine for now, but he’s hoping to fill the extra room soon.

Season ThreeEdit

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