Cathrine Abrams
General Information
Domain: Evocation
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Hair Color: Dark/Light Brown
Eye Color: Chocolate
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 128 lbs.
Family & Friends
Family: Samuel Abrams (father)
Elizabeth Abrams (mother)
Elias Abrams (brother)
Brayden Abrams (brother)
Alec Abrams (brother)
Alison Abrams (sister)
Friends: Zara Iorio
Margaux Bontecou
Clover Mayfair
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: Season One
Last appearance: Season Two
Portrayer: Mary Elizabeth Winstead


Throughout her life, Cathrine was unfamiliar with the term ‘responsibility’. It did not exist in the carefree world that she had created for herself. Mostly she spent her time taking advantage of all the opportunities presented to her by her parents and siblings. She was the oldest daughter of the Abrams family, but the middle child. While this brought no social taboos on her, she sometimes liked to believe that she was allowed to do whatever she pleased; and for the most part, she was. However, as she grew into her teens, her attitude changed from that of a young girl to a caring individual.

Taking after her mother, Cathrine became concerned with family affairs and seeking out ways to help out her siblings with their problems. In a way, she set a motherly example for them all, which would—years later—come in handy. She excelled in school and extracurricular activities, though she never let her clubs get in the way of her hunting lessons. She trained under her brother Eli and her father, who taught her how to defend herself in battles if she was ever caught alone. Using their examples, she set forth intellectual plans on how to deal with the Shadowkind.

Though every now and then Cathrine could be bratty and childish, she was well aware of her family’s position and how important it was that they stick together through anything that they were put through. She became headstrong, though the reasons behind it probably rested within Eli’s death. Perhaps she was forced to grow up too soon, but she was determined to stand strong for her family regardless of her yearning for her youth.

When her parents disappeared, Cathrine took up the motherly role for good, trying to set her siblings on the right path. She became the second-in-command to Brayden, and really stepped up to the plate; hiding away the neglect and hurt she felt from them leaving. At first she got into many spats with her younger sister, Alison, though they attempted to put aside their differences upon moving into the Estate.

Season OneEdit

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Season TwoEdit