Charlize Bontecou
General Information
Domain: Divination
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Hair Color: Chestnut
Family & Friends
Family: Remy Bontecou (brother)
Kaprece Bontecou (sister)
Margaux Bontecou (sister)
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: Season One
Last appearance: Season One
Portrayer: Heloise Guerin


The nightmares and visions that plagued the mind of Charlize Bontecou haunted her from the moment she was born. The woman never came to know a restful night’s sleep, though soon the horrific sights she was seeing didn’t require sleep to visit her. The girl was ill, and her parents knew it. Ultimately, it was her sister Kaprece’s decision to put her in the mental institution that divided her from her family for years. The inhumane hospital became her new home; the only one she would know for, to her, a lost amount of time.

The time that she spent at the hospital continued to plague her during the day and the night. The girl was a mix between the Mad Hatter and the Rapscallion Cat. It was rumored that the hospital only made her madder. The care facility was a twisted version of any other – the nurses did little to care for their patients, and the doctors treated them as if they were scum. Over time, Charlize began to cut into her skin, treating the scars as memoirs of her sins.

As she neared her 23rd birthday, she began to have visions of an upcoming war. The visions were unlike those that haunted her. She could feel the intensity behind them, and was scared of what all was to come: the truth. Margaux took her out of the asylum, bringing her back to the Azoth Estate so that she could help out with the war. The visions still haunted her, though she kept quiet in fear that she would be sent back to the twisted hospital.

Season OneEdit

Throughout her time spent at the Estate, the visions never went away. Every now and then she would accompany a few of the other Arcanists on hunts for the Shadowkind, though her own mental liability sometimes got in the way. She eventually became unable to distinguish the difference between the real Shadowkind and the creatures that haunted her in her visions. For a time, she retired to the Estate and refused to participate in any battle, no matter how many times her family begged.

When Kaprece died, Charlize began to have visions of her brother and Margaux dying, as well. Pretty soon, the visions became all consuming. Every waking moment, eyes closed or open, she saw the deaths of her siblings. Unable to cope with the intense visions and the feelings that washed over her, she hung herself, not too long before the first war broke out.