Cristiano Iorio
General Information
Domain: Illusion
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Family & Friends
Family: Calogero Iorio (brother)
Zara Iorio (sister)
Alessandra Iorio (sister)
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: Season One
Last appearance: Season One
Portrayer: Mathias Lauridsen


Born to a wealthy family in Italy, Cristiano spent most of his time learning how to use his gifts to the best of his ability. His oldest sibling, Calogero, was the main one who taught him how to craft his power into powerful illusions. The two had a close brotherly bond, even though Cristiano could sometimes be the annoying little brother that many families experience. Frequently, he liked to tease his sisters Alessandra and Zara, though it sometimes got him into trouble.

When he was around the age of 14, Cristiano fell victim to a Shadowkind attack that he couldn’t escape. The attack had him in intensive care for a few weeks, and while the family thought about calling the Sterlings, they didn’t because of the trust issues between the families. Cristiano eventually recovered, though his immune system was very weak due to his time spent in the hospital. His family kept a watchful eye on him, constantly monitoring his actions so that he didn’t overdue himself in any activity.

The constant attention from his family got under his skin. Though he was thankful for them caring so much about him, he hated feeling as if he was being scrutinized under their watchful eye. He wasn’t allowed to hunt unless it was under supervision, and he always had a sibling accompanying him wherever he went. When his parents left, he couldn’t help but feel the relief of a pair of eyes finally being off of him. He missed them, but was thankful that he would finally be allowed to be on his own again. He thought this for at least a bit, until Calogero announced that they’d all be heading to the Estate in Seattle, to join the other families.

Season OneEdit

When he arrived in Seattle, Cristiano at first met the other families with much hesitancy. He was reluctant to get to know them, fearing that they were just as bad as his family had thought that some of them were. After all, his family had only been in contact with a few of the others since the children were kidnapped early on. He and Alessandra spent most of their time together, watching the others and viewing whom they thought they could trust and whom they could not.

When Vanyel Sterling caused a fuss between the Arcanists and ran off in the night, Cristiano had been up at his time of departure. Knowing that it wasn’t safe for him to run out on his own, Cristiano followed the Conjurer into the night. He was witness to the Arcanist being murdered, and he fought off the Shadowkind that did so with intensity. Unfortunately, when he returned with Vanyel’s body, the Conjurer’s family placed the blame for killing him—or letting him be killed—on him. He argued that he had not done so, explaining the situation, though the distrust between the two families was evident.

Cristiano went on, eventually confronting Hailey Sterling and Gavin Sterling, apologizing for what had happened to their brother. They all apologized; taking each other’s sides, though they all feared it would be too late. When Gavin left to find a magical artifact, Cristiano was among those who traveled with him. When the group returned, they found the Estate in chaos. The first war was almost over, though Cristiano was the second to last casualty. He tried weaving together a string of illusions to get the Shadowkind out of the Estate, though a group of vampires ripped him from his own altered reality and tore into him.