Daphne Fuller
General Information
Domain: Enchantment
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Hair Color: Chestnut Brown
Eye Color: Olive Green
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Occupation(s): Kick-Boxing Instructor (TBIL)
Family & Friends
Relationships: Jason Price (fling)
Friends: Dominic Hayes (nuisance)
Riley Cameron (rival)
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: Alchemy, Season Three
Portrayer: Olivia Wilde


The earliest memories she had were of the orphanage she was dumped when she was barely two months old. Ever since that time she had been in and out of the system until she reached the ripe old age of eighteen. Daphne Fuller never cared to know about her parents and never wanted to. From what she had learned, her mother had been around twenty years of age when she was born and one of those well-to-do's from the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Obviously children hadn't been part of her plans. Her father was a mystery. They were probably too self-absorbed to even give her a second thought despite the fact that she inherited a small fortune from them. The money was part of a trust fund that was created when she was born and given to her when she turned twenty-one. Outside life and her trust, that was all the connection she had to either of them.

Life at the orphanage was a blank phase in her past. She had her own apartment, a guy for each day of the year, and a thousands friends that were kept at an arm's length. The orphanage had given her tools that she could use--after all they were all considered "delinquents" to a certain degree. While she didn’t have a record she practically got away with murder. It took more than streets smarts though to pull herself out, even though she had enjoyed that part. A real education was the only way out of that shit hole; she graduated from NYU with honors and had planned to go to Law School. That quickly changed the moment she discovered a new little power she had developed. It had been just shy of two years when she discovered that she could "enchant" objects to perform whatever her heart desired. At first it had been strictly involuntary. Simply a coincidence, but with practice she had slowly developed a knack for it and decided to go on the road and test out her new abilities. That path, her gut, led her to Los Angels, California and to an unexpected twist in her life.

Season ThreeEdit

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Jason PriceEdit


Daphne Fuller and Jason Price

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