Elias Abrams
General Information
Domain: Evocation
Gender: Male
Age: 27 (Deceased)
Birthday: January 13, 1983
Family & Friends
Family: Samuel Abrams (father)
Elizabeth Abrams (mother)
Brayden Abrams (brother)
Cathrine Abrams (sister)
Alec Abrams (brother)
Alison Abrams (sister)
Behind the Scenes
Portrayer: Tom Welling


Growing up, Elias was the firstborn and was seen that way. For a while he was the only child, though he soon became he eldest of four other siblings. The brotherly relationship he formed with all of his brothers and sisters came naturally to him; he was driven by a desire to be the best role model that he could be for them all. Whatever he was needed for, be it tutoring someone or helping them with some school project, Eli was always there for his family – even if it meant sacrificing some of his own personal time to do so. He didn’t mind the lack of free time he had; every moment he spent with his brothers and sisters was cherished in his eyes.

As he grew into his teens, he found that he had an interest in cars—specifically, fixing them up and tampering with the insides to get an old one working. He was allowed to work in a body shop once he was old enough, and he loved every minute of it; however, he never let his personal interests cloud his desire to hunt the Shadowkind that threatened the lives of he and his family. He took the leadership role over his siblings, leading them in battle and helping them to learn how to use their power so that they would be efficient up against the creatures.

He always encouraged his siblings to pursue their own interests. Whenever Brayden voiced his desire to go to medical school, it was Eli who pushed him to do so. He encouraged each of his siblings in whatever they wanted to do; he was truly the big brother that most saw as perfect. He defended them against any school bullies, and scheduled times for them all to go out and enjoy things as a family. In a way, it was as if Eli was the sole reason that the family was so close. He had a strong drive to make sure that all of his family was happy at all times. If any of them had a problem, he made it his own, too.

As his family grew older and went off to school, he made sure that they all kept in touch. He was the catalyst that kept them all grounded. Making trips to visit each of them while they were away at school, it was his trip to visit Brayden that was the most serious out of them all. Coaxing his brother to go on a hunt with him for old times sake, Eli chose that night to tell him how he felt that something wasn’t right between his family. The two boy’s spoke of a prophecy that Brayden had overheard when he was younger, concerning their youngest sister, Alison. The two made a vow that they would stand up and protect their family no matter what the situation.

The next day, when Eli was getting ready to leave, he didn’t take notice of the tampered car he’d be driving back home. A Leopold Hunter, later revealed to be Micah Clementine, had followed him into his brother’s city and removed his brakes, amongst other things in the vehicle. On the way back to his home, Eli was slung from his car, the seatbelt doing nothing to save him. The devastation that hit each member of his family was the first blow of the coming war.