Gabrielle Sommers
General Information
Domain: Transmutation
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: Hazel
Family & Friends
Friends: Danae Wrede
Colby Miller
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: Alchemy, Season Three
Portrayer: Sophia Bush


Living in a small town meant everyone knew everything about everyone. Nothing could be kept hidden in the closet for long. There were many times in Gabrielle Sommers life when she wished she could blend in with the rest of the world and be forgotten. Yet, that was impossible—especially in a small town in the middle of Connecticut. Her parents Lucy and Stephen Sommers had uprooted the entire family from Hartford when she had just turned eight. Her father lost his job working a major corporate law firm and had started his own firm in the heart of the village. Everyone wanted to know about the Sommers and it had been that way ever since. Popular gossip included the time when her boyfriend had broken up with her in the middle of the hallway after forth period. Her parents knew before she even walked through the door. Gabrielle wanted nothing more than to escape, which is why she opted to dorm when she entered college. Her first day of college wasn’t very normal as she seemed to not be able to blend into the background like she wanted to. Meeting her dorm mate was enough stress to produce her to become more outgoing then what she would normally be and she experimented with many different things like a normal college student would. However, she didn’t lose her kindness nor her ability to be compassionate towards others and that is what drew the ancient to her to make her aware of her abilities.

Now at twenty-three, she was at a juncture in her life with no real direction. Floating from one job to the next, she would soon find that life would quite literally come knocking on her door. She almost laughed when Arik had informed her of her abilities. True she had noticed some things—like her eyes blinking colors or her hair growing longer than it should have but that didn’t mean she just recently acquired these abilities. That had been two months ago and where was she now? Training to use those powers in a temple with the Essentian, far away from home.

Season ThreeEdit

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