Gavin Mitchell
General Information
Domain: Conjuration
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Hair Color: Hazelnut
Eye Color: Olive
Birthday: October 31, 1981
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 185 lbs.
Location: Los Angeles, California
Occupation(s): Bartender
Family & Friends
Family: Richard Mitchell (father, deceased)

Elizabeth Mitchell (mother) Skylar Mitchell (twin brother)

Relationships: Lorelei Ashford (present lover)
Enemies: Shadowkind
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: Season Three
Portrayer: Jensen Ackles


Born to Richard and Elizabeth Mitchell, Gavin had a firm but enjoyable childhood. Residing in Oyster Bay, Long Island the Mitchell kin were neighbors with the Ashford’s. So it wasn’t hard to fathom Gavin and his siblings had grown close to Lorelei, her siblings and cousin, William. Meanwhile, Richard Mitchell had invested his career in the United States Marine Corps. By being away overseas, Elizabeth was forced to play the role of the responsible housewife for the Mitchell siblings. Unaware that her beloved husband wasn’t just hunting other men but things that went bump in the night. Yet, on rare occasions when Richard was home he would often take the boys out hunting. A habit Skylar detested and heavily disliked. The younger twin often would prefer the company of books and computers to hunting wildlife. As the children matured their bodies were not the only things changing. In fact it seemed the children inherited a unique gift from their father. Something Richard had privately kept secret from even Elizabeth. Yet, one evening a mischievous Gavin had mistakenly conjured a water gun to torment Lorelei Ashford. It was this incident that forced Elizabeth to confront her husband. Richard had confessed he was an arcanist and so were other families including the Ashford’s, who lived just next door. Shocked and appalled, Elizabeth did not speak to Richard for a week.


Gavin,12 years old

It was not until Gavin was eleven that he and the other children of the arcanist bloodline were kidnapped by the Leopold’s. Even at a young age, Gavin had an unnerving need to protect a young Lorelei Ashford. Gavin and his siblings had convinced the fiery huntress that they were on one big adventure. But Gavin and the older children knew better. This was not a game and they were in real danger. Finally, they had been rescued but it had deeply impacted Gavin. However, having their children kidnapped had restored the rift between Richard and Elizabeth’s relationship.

Since the Leopold incident Gavin and his siblings were taught how to fight and protect themselves from the dangers of the shadowkind. Richard made sure his entire family was well equipped in hunting, weaponry, and hand-to-hand combat. Perhaps it was his own paranoia about not being around much from being overseas but Richard always thought of his family. Gavin, being the oldest brother by two whole minutes had grown up starkly faster. He seemed to assimilate the life of a hunter. Quick, strong, and powerful he was just like his father. Although to Skylar, Gavin could be overbearing, authoritative, and a downright ass hole. While both brothers were competitive, it was Gavin who always won praise for his high achievements whether through academics, hunting, sports, weaponry, or other important elements. In a way Skylar had grown jealous of his older brother, living in his shadow.

But the positive factor was the Mitchell family wasn't alone. Even as he matured, Gavin had a tendency of often teasing Lorelei Ashford, as most young boys did when they were young. It had been Gavin who had befriended Lorelei’s cousin, William. The two boys shared a tight and close friendship. One would even argue they were like brothers besides just best friends. Before long, Gavin and William did almost everything together, often excluding Skylar. Not on purpose but because Skylar never had a real desire to hunt or share similar hobbies in the first place. But there was another Ashford who would grow up very quickly, Lorelei. Passionate, stubborn, and tough Lorelei proved that she didn't need bodyguards in the form of Gavin, William, or her brother. Both friends often looked out for her benefit as children even as they matured into teenagers.

But not even Gavin could protect his family and friends from the destruction of the Leopold’s once again. Ripped of their parents and forced to flee from New York, the Mitchell family departed with the Ashford’s for Seattle, Washington. Grief stricken Skylar was forced to deal with his parent’s disappearance as well as his unbearable older twin. Richard had always requested that despite their sibling rivalry and differences that Gavin always protect and watch over his younger brother. Something Gavin swore he would uphold even with his loving father and mother gone.

Now at twenty-eight years old, Gavin was a changed man. His parents were gone, he moved to a new state, his conjuration powers had matured, but there was still the threat of the Leopold’s and the Shadowkind. But deep down there was a new comfort for the Head of the Household in the form of Lorelei Ashford. Her compassion, fiery nature, and strength would lead to a brighter future on a grim outlook.

Season ThreeEdit

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Ever since he could open those olive-green eyes of his, Gavin Mitchell had captured the hearts of dozens of women. His bright-green eyes and sweet smile had captivated tons of women whether mothers, daughters, sisters, or grandmothers. As he grew older, Gavin would harness his natural good looks and charm into seducing women. It was this natural t

Lorelei Ashford and Gavin Mitchell

alent that had his little black book filled with hundreds of phone numbers. Each woman was like an exciting conquest to Gavin or even a trophy to be claimed. It wasn't always necessarily about sex but about the art and game of seduction, power, and dominance. No one could resist him except for one, Lorelei Ashford. Yet, the playboy Conjurer never saw Lorelei as a conquest but as a sister who he looked over. She would be the only woman he would respect and care for besides his own mother. The rest were just pawns in his game of chess. As such, it wasn't hard to guess that Gavin couldn't be convinced into a relationship. He preferred to roam the earth as a bachelor and no woman could tame the carnal beast within him. Of course, fate had a strange sense of humor and not only would it greet Gavin with a new found lover but someone he would be able to commit to. The auburn haired Enchantress by the name of Lorelei Ashford would blossom into an attractive and intelligent woman. Once his childhood friend would grow to become much more as time elapsed for the two. Not only would Gavin and Lora grow starkly closer than they already had but they would have a future together.

Alternate Realty - Strangely enough however, it would seem Lora had a fondness for the name of Gavin. Especially since she had a strange relationship with a Conjurer by the name of Gavin Sterling. Despite the relationship Lorelei had with Gavin Sterling it would only pave way for the man she was meant to have a future with, Gavin Mitchell. With the loss of Gavin Sterling, Lorelei was forced to deal and assimilate her husband's death. While still grieving for the loss, Gavin Mitchell would re-enter into Lorelei's life and not only help heal her wounds but also she would help him in finally committing to a woman. Both Lora and Gavin would not only find lust but they too would find love with each other. The two would marry and eventually Lorelei would become pregnant with Gavin's two children. Not only would Gavin father a child (Finn Sterling) that had been from a previous relationship (Gavin Sterling) of Lorelei's but he and Lorelei would welcome one girl (Rory Elizabeth Mitchell) and one boy (Tyler Brayden Mitchell) of their own.

Present - Having grown up with Lorelei Ashford, Gavin Mitchell knew a great deal about the Enchantress. The only exception had been her powers and her family secrets. He had been kept in the dark with Lorelei's most prized secret. Finally, when Gavin was twenty-eight he would receive his own Conjurer powers that had blossomed with time. Yet, Gavin had been captured by a horde of Kreelocks and tortured ruthlessly for his mana. Time had become lost on Gavin who couldn't fathom what the date and time was nor where he was. Being drained of his mana and growing steadily weak, Gavin had become sickly weak. It seemed all hope was lost until he and the other prisoners would be rescued by others of his kind. Now, reunited with his childhood friend old memories would form and feelings heightened and developed by the near-death experience for Gavin. It would be his own capture that would be the catalyst for new found feelings and love to be blossomed by the Enchantress and the Conjurer. The two would marry in the future and welcome three children, Ethan Devlin Mitchell, Tyler Brayden Mitchell, and Rory Elizabeth Mitchell.

Signature SpellsEdit

Crown of Vermin - After this spell is cast, one thousand venomous, biting and stinging spiders, scorpions, beetles, and centipedes erupt from the very air around the character.