Hailey Sterling
General Information
Domain: Conjuration
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Family & Friends
Family: Larson Sterling (father)
Elle Sterling (mother)
Gavin Sterling (brother)
Zac Sterling (brother)
Vanyel Sterling (brother)
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: Season One
Last appearance: Season Two
Portrayer: Alona Tal


Hailey was always prone to polychromatic buoyancy that always came fluent to her. She was the lovable daughter that could evoke a smile to all with her playful shenanigans. She was never one to favor a particular sibling, but in bluntness, Gavin had always been her idealistic role model. As a child, she used to follow her brother everywhere. This characteristic, according to her parents, was adorable.

In the flock of mortals, Hailey always seemed to fit in. She kept in tune with her supernaturally inclined abilities by occasionally playing mild tricks upon her friends. Items would seem to be missing when, in retrospection, she had only conjured it to a different location. As she grew up, she knew that she had to start taking responsibility, so she applied at a local college to receive her bachelors degree in Business.

When Gavin called her and Vanyel to move to the Azoth Estate, she went without question. Though she still remained relatively unsure about what exactly she wanted out of life, she put her family as her top priority. Placing the lives of theirs above her own, she was determined to help find her parents.

Season OneEdit

At first, Hailey had no trouble trying to get to know the other Arcane families. She saw their coming together as a blessing in the war; she didn’t want to have to fight by herself, and with everyone at her side, she was convinced that they would come out victorious against the Shadowkind. Though she never gained a true best friend from any of the other families, she treated everyone with kindness. At least, everyone except her younger brother, Vanyel.

Because of the boy’s frequent antics to cause mischief and distrust between the families, she found herself massively annoyed with his presence. Often times, she scolded him for the trouble that he stirred up, and when he ran away, she immediately felt guilty for the way she treated him. When Cristiano returned his body to the Estate, Hailey was the first one to begin the argument that divided the Illusionists and the Conjurers. The mistrust between them was evident. Though Hailey didn’t truly believe that Cristiano had killed Vanyel on his own, she held him accountable for not bringing him back safely.

For a while, she was secluded. It was only after the reveal of Zac as her long-lost brother that had her returning to normal. She saw Zac’s arrival as a second-chance at a brother, and took to building a bond with him that she had taken for granted whenever she had one with Vanyel. She got to know the older boy quickly, wanting to know everything about the brother that she had never got a chance to know.

When the war struck Azoth Estate, she was alongside her brother Gavin searching for an item that would allow the Arcanists to take the battle to the Shadow Realm, to help out their parents. Unfortunately, their journey was a lost cause. They returned to find the Estate in ruins, and many dead; among them, Hailey found the blood-and-stone remains of Zac.

Season TwoEdit

The insanity of the war and losing two of her brothers slowly took its toll on her mind. Locking away seemingly any emotion that dared to pop out, Hailey took to keeping secrets from her remaining brother and shunning those who tried speaking with her. When she arrived in Sunset Glades, the girl found herself sharing an apartment with two Arcane Protectors – the twins, Vincent and Victoria. Though this was an unspoken effort to keep the girl relatively sane and in check, the blossoming friendship between Victoria and Hailey was real.

The two spent much time hunting with one another; though she’d never admit it, she realized that Victoria was breaking away the shield that she had thrown up after leaving Seattle. Instead of dealing with the pain she was feeling on her own, she’d share some of her moments with the hunter in an effort to rid herself of the demons that haunted her. The friendship was doomed to end before it became solid.

Under the illusion that she’d be perfectly fine during the day, Hailey left the hunter’s complex on her own; though it was just for a quick, needed breath of fresh air, she found herself struggling for her life. The Leopolds quickly located her amongst the normal people in Sunset Glades, and nabbed her easily. The sick individuals quickly overpowered the young Conjurer, carving Latin prayers into her skin, along with warnings of the ‘revival’ that they promised would come to the Arcanists. Victoria found her body one night while hunting, after she had been missing for three days straight.