Hotaru Tanaka
General Information
Domain: Eldritch Hunter
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: Season Two
Last appearance: Season Two
Portrayer: Hitomi Yoshizawa


Hotaru’s story began before she’d even heard of sorcerers, though she never remembered such a time. At some point in her early childhood, before she could remember, she was found outside of an orphanage in Fukuoka, Japan. She was well nourished and cared for, but without any kind of explanation or background. The orphanage named her Hotaru Tanaka, which was a common name, and she stayed at the home for several years.

Eventually, the Order of Arcane Protectors adopted her. Instead of going back to the Enclave, they trained her in Sydney, Australia. While there, she was trained for over a decade in martial combat of varying sorts, and became proficient in over a dozen different martial arts and weapons styles. Once she graduated, she was given a mission to head to San Francisco, CA, to investigate a series of vampire attacks. While in the States, she learned of the war that was about to go down.

Rushing off to Seattle, she arrived too late, and still with her mission. She managed to track down the vampire nest, who had all arrived to help the Shadowkind in the war, though after her assignment was done, she was reluctant to return back to Sydney. Following the other Protectors, she relocated to Sunset Glades, joining the cause down there to protect the Arcanists further.

Season TwoEdit

In Sunset Glades, Hotaru roomed with Taylor Sullivan and Juliet Colm. At first, the three had trouble getting along. With Taylor and Hotaru both not having been trained at the Enclave, Juliet was reluctant to trust them both. The Australian-trained hunter took offense to Juliet’s beliefs, and frequently called her out on the way she preached the rules to her. Hotaru did not believe her ways of fighting to be reckless; that was how she had always fought, and she had survived that far.

When Juliet was saved by Taylor, Hotaru was chastised for not going out and looking for the woman, who had been out past her hunting schedule. Having not thought about the possibility of Juliet being in danger, the huntress didn’t bother checking up on her. For that, she was spurned and was put on a trial probationary period for her falling behind in her duties. When she did get a chance to go out hunting, she frequently took Arcanists with her. One of these alchemists was Cathrine Abrams.

On one hunt with the Evoker, Hotaru was possessed by a ghoul who had previously taken on the form of Cathrine’s dead brother. While conscious in her own body, Hotaru was unable to take back control and was forced to witness the battle the ghoul put her and Cathrine through. Hotaru felt the injuries from the magic the Arcanist had, and had to sustain them until she finally managed to cast out the Shadowkind. It was on that night that Hotaru began doubting her place as an Arcane Protector.

While out on another hunt with Margaux Bontecou, she and the Diviner found themselves up against a Leopold Hunter, who preyed on Hotaru’s insecurities about protecting the families. She almost turned against the Diviner, though ultimately she defended those she was meant to protect and while she faced backlash for almost being swayed, she promised that she would do anything to protect the rest of the families.

Near the start of the war, the camp was attacked by the same werewolves that had haunted Juliet earlier on. Finding the Arcanists threatened, Hotaru went up against the pack, and served as a distraction long enough for everyone to escape. She was ripped apart by the pack for standing in their way, though ultimately she died protecting those that she swore she would.

Magical ArtifactEdit

Thor’s Dagger: Embodying the very electricity from the skies, this dagger sends lightning echoing throughout the body it rips through. Shimmering a brilliant yellow, the dagger does not cause harm to its user. The electricity coursing through it can only be summoned three times per thread, at the user’s discretion.