Jason Price
General Information
Domain: Enchantment
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Coffee
Birthday: November 5, 1980
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 215 lbs.
Location: Los Angeles, California
Occupation(s): Construction Worker
Family & Friends
Family: Victor Price (father)

Susan Price (mother) Sebastian Price (younger brother, deceased)

Relationships: Daphne Fuller (fling)
Friends: Gideon Shaw
Tobias Wakefield
Enemies: Shadowkind
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: Alchemy, Season Three
Portrayer: Mark Wahlberg


Ever since he was a child Jason Price had to suffer the roller coaster relationship of his parents rocky marriage. The couple were constantly fighting and bickering which meant Jason often looked after his little brother, Sebastian. In this essence it forced Jason to grow up fast and protect his little brother from school bullies, complete strangers, and any other forms of danger he may have encountered. Yet, as the two grew up together both brothers were starkly different. Sebastian had fallen in with the wrong crowd dabbling in illegal drugs and abusing alcohol in his late teens. On more than one occasion Jason had tried to intervene on his brother’s behalf even pleading and offering to take him to drug treatment. Unfortunately, Jason’s attempts were futile and his brother finally moved to Last Vegas, Nevada once he graduated high school.

With the painful departure of his brother Jason was forced to focus solely on his own life which included attending college. After graduation, Jason’s own life seemed less eventful then he originally intended. His parents had been torn apart by a bitter and resentful divorce and his younger brother was addicted to more potent drugs such as cocaine. Unknown to Sebastian his battle with drug addiction would be his final demise. Jason had only been twenty-eight years old when he was informed his baby brother died of a drug overdose. Both of his parents couldn’t fathom such a tragedy having been so wrapped up in their own divorce. Having lost his baby brother forced Jason to become bitter and frigid to strangers around him. To drown out the loss and agony he often would abuse alcohol and women. His own way of escaping the reality of the situation, his brother was dead. Lost forever to him.

One of Jason’s friends had intervened and suggested Jason get his act together before he too followed in his brother’s foot steps. It would be a local kick boxing class that enabled the tough and grumpy guy to unleash all of his pent up emotion and anger. It was also here that he met a lovely brunette by the name of Daphne Fuller. Of course, Jason had seen her around before but never interacted with her until one evening at the club. After a few rounds of alcohol and grinding the two had departed back to her place indulging in carnal, decadent sex.

Unfortunately, for Jason he was left once more this time by Daphne who had disappeared after their passionate one night stand. The situation hadn’t bothered Jason who was used to the ‘no strings’ attached persona after having lost someone he deeply cared for. Emotions to him were a weakness and to allow someone close on an emotional level just didn’t assimilate in his way of life. It just wasn’t him.

Despite all of his flaws and weaknesses the Ancients had looked beyond his vices and saw something special in him. Jason always had been stubborn, pig-headed, and unrelenting. It was a quality they felt held massive potential and with the proper training could be an asset.

By the time Jason turned twenty-nine he had moved from New York to Last Vegas, Nevada, leaving behind a painful past. During a one-year reprieve Jason had been gifted unique and special powers in the form of enchantment. Unknown to him, he had been sent to Vegas to be properly trained in the art of enchantment by a special being called essential. This legendary dragon had been bestowed upon Jason and other Arcanists to monitor their progress by the Ancients. As time went on Jason had proved he was fully capable of taking responsibility for the gifts the Ancients had given him.

A year later would pass and Jason was now thirty years old. He would move from Las Vegas, Nevada to Los Angeles, California with the direction of the Blue Dragon. Jason would soon find he wasn’t the only Arcanist there. In fact he would be reunited with the fiery brunette, Daphne Fuller, who like him, was also enchanter. Sometimes, you just had to love fate.

Season ThreeEdit

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