Jordan Kroman
General Information
Domain: Necromancy
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Family & Friends
Family: Adelina Kroman (cousin)
Afton Kroman (cousin)
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: Season One
Last appearance: Season One
Portrayer: Anastasia Khodkina


Jordan had grown up into the Kroman family as a confused little girl. Her mother, who was the magical one between her and Jordan’s father, didn’t want to have anything to do with Necromancy and anything that came along with it. She had been through too much, she always said. She just wanted a normal life with her normal husband, and it was no surprise that they let Jordan live with her cousins around the age of 8.

Jordan had always been fascinated with the family’s history, and the magic came naturally to her. She couldn’t even imagine living any other way; especially since every time she had visited her cousins, they were taught more about their abilities. That’s why it was so easy for her to live with them rather than her mother. As the years passed, she grew closer to her “new family” and fit in perfectly. While sometimes she would miss her parents, she always knew deep down that was where she belonged.

When the time came that the Elders disappeared and Adelina was made Head of the family, she was ready to stand next to her cousins and help out in any way that she could. She became devoted to helping, and to keeping the magical races going. But most importantly, she was devoted to her family and their beliefs. She became determined to stop at nothing until everything had returned to normal and the threat of the Shadowkind was eradicated.

Season OneEdit

The time she spent at the Azoth Estate was mostly between herself and her cousins. Though she made some friends, she was careful about who she trusted enough to speak to. One person that she was wary of immediately was Alison Abrams. The trouble that the girl caused for herself, her family, and the other Arcanists sickened Jordan. She knew that she couldn’t trust the youngest Abrams, so she tried her best to stay away from her.

When the first casualty of the war was found, Vanyel Sterling, Jordan didn’t believe in the intense arguments that followed his death. She spoke out about how the families should be working together rather than fighting and forming alliances with one another. It was she who reminded them that they were all playing a part in a war that they had no control over—their best bet was to get along and stop fighting.

The distrust that Jordan felt towards Alison was kept to herself. Though she had spoken about how the family’s needed to get along, she still felt that the youngest Abrams had secrets up her sleeve. One night, following a fight between the girl and her own brother Alec, Jordan noticed Alison sneaking out late at night. Deciding that the girl was up to no good, the Kroman followed her without question – and without telling the others what she was up to.

On that dark night, Jordan fell witness to Alison making the deal that would ultimately seal her fate. Jordan’s thoughts were filled with her betrayal of her family and the other Arcane families, and she knew that she had to return to tell the others. Unfortunately, Alison knew that she had been followed – and she quickly used Jordan as the bargaining chip for her deal. Using Jordan’s body as a sacrifice for the Shadowkind granting her wish, Alison sealed her own deal—and Jordan’s fate.