Logan Kilmartin
General Information
Domain: Eldritch Hunter
Gender: Male
Age: 30 (Comatose)
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 179 lbs.
Family & Friends
Relationships: Many Unnamed
Margaux Bontecou (fling)
Friends: Taylor Sullivan
Sebastian Mosely
Gavin Sterling
Other Information
Awards: Most Intimidating
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: Season Two
Portrayer: Paul Walker


Logan’s childhood is mostly a blur, though among the Order of Arcane Protector’s history, there were rumors of a loud and energetic child with a penchant for martial arts. However, from the life he led, it’s implausible to consider there were signs of a fighter in him way back then.

In Seattle long ago, there was a female Gorgon posing as a fine artist. Having been discovered by the Arcane Protectors, she kidnapped a young boy named Logan in her hasty exit, believing it to ensure her escape from the team. Due to the Protectors being unable to detach their ethical values, the Medusa fled the city with the child. She subjected the young boy to underground cage-fighting matches for unscrupulous Shadowkind and mortal, criminal audiences. It was apparent that gambling ventures offered improved finances compared to her previous trade of art. She made Logan fight countless battles, and he was brutalized if he didn’t cause brutality to many other youths. In years to come, he was a celebrated combatant among the spectators and never disappointed those who came to watch him; there was always a bloody finale.

Logan was nineteen when a small group of Arcane Protectors shut down the criminal fighting ring. They defeated the female Gorgon and freed a small amount of combatants – Logan among them. When a hunter came across Logan during the rescue, he made sure to express the importance of the hunters taking him under their wing. Logan was told that he couldn’t go back to his family; to them, the beloved son was dead. He had crossed moral lines in the fighting that his family wouldn’t understand. With nowhere to turn, his future rested in the Order’s hands. They relocated him to an enclave in the Northwest Territories of Canada. He was confined to his new home for years, to undergo extensive training.

While other trainees cracked jokes or caused problems, Logan concerned the leaders in other ways. The level of violence he displayed while fighting portrayed the vile behavior that had been ingrained during his youth. The leaders were frightened, so they sent him off to work in the field as soon as they deemed him worthy and sufficient. They sent him to Sunset Glades, FL, guiding him to stop in Seattle to gather any remaining forces of the Arcanists they were meant to protect. The Order knew full well that Sunset Glades was the main city destined for the Behemoth’s showdown.

Season TwoEdit

Venturing with a few companions to Seattle, WA, Logan found the Arcanists at the Azoth Estate with barely any time to spare. As soon as the Order arrived, everyone was thrown headfirst into battles that relied mostly on luck. The violent nature that was inhibited within Logan flourished throughout his fights; he took down any Shadowkind creature that came at him. When the Leopolds attacked the Arcanists, the hunter took to their side and punished whoever tried to lay a hand on the families. That was his job: to protect. Even when the war destroyed the estate due to the breeching of ancient magic that normally protected it, Logan led the survivors down to Florida where they would be able to regroup. Unfortunately, he was leading them into a deathtrap without his knowledge.

The months spent in Sunset Glades were full of rigorous training and hunting. They weren’t safe there, either – the Shadowkind continued to grow in force and power, and eventually they hunted down the Arcanists without much effort. Throughout this power struggle, Logan rescued a captured Margaux Bontecou from a Leopold Hunter, and began with her an affair that may have meant more than he ever let on. As the battles continued to grow darker and fiercer, Logan began losing himself in the mindless violence that he had known as a child. As his childhood demons rose in his skills, he found himself lost in the war that devastated the second city-base of those fighting against the Shadowkind. Separated from any other survivors, Logan made his way out of the city and eventually came into contact with Taylor Sullivan, who was the last standing member of the Order beside himself.

Season ThreeEdit

Over the course of two years, Logan eventually met up with the supposedly deceased Gavin Sterling. Recognizing the man as an amnesiac who had forgotten all about the two wars he had been subdued to, he sought out someone who could help him restore his memory. Eventually, the duo stumbled upon Serik, the Essentian that had helped out the Arcanists in their wars. Serik initially refused to unlock Gavin’s powers, though once he had, a chain of events began to unravel rapidly.

Logan led Gavin to the Fortunate Isles Penthouse, a safe haven that had been in the Arcanists generations for years. Once in Los Angeles, the two stumbled upon ghosts from the past and new Arcanists who had been called to fill the shoes of those who had died in the wars. Immediately, Logan thrust the responsibility of teaching the new wielders into Lorelei Ashford’s hands, and gathered his troop of hunters for an excursion. The troop was a result of Taylor’s and his doing – the two had formed a new Order, giving a title of Eldritch Hunter to those who followed them.

The realization of himself being thrust back into the war broke him; taking out his anger on a few innocents, he was attacked back in his anger. He was pulled from his spot on the streets of San Gabriel Valley by Gavin Sterling’s own magic, and placed back in the Penthouse that he had left not too long before. There, he found himself face-to-face with the Conjurer, and the Essentian he had went to times before. He found that the Sterling’s amnesia was fake, and a ploy created by the Red Wizard, a being who had possessed the Conjurer during his time in the Shadow Realm. Being attacked, Logan had little time to fight back before he was stabbed, caught off-guard by the Shadowkind. Slipping into unconsciousness, Logan was eventually teleported to a hospital to be treated by Serik and a mysterious individual. Whether or not he wakes up remains to be seen.

Magical ArtifactEdit


The Hammerstone

: This magical artifact can be summoned by its owner for three posts. With the appearance of a long hammer, it holds a few secrets that can easily turn the tables in battle. To any other, it looks like a normal hammer; however, once the owner taps into its energy, flames sprout from the base and engulf the metal top. These flames are especially affective against the undead Shadowkind, such as zombies or vampires.

This artifact rests within the hands of Taylor Sullivan, who it was left behind with after Logan slipped into his coma.


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