Lorelei Ashford
General Information
Domain: Enchantment
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: Emerald
Birthday: November 10, 1984
Height: 5'6"
Location: Oyster Bay, Long Island
Occupation(s): Unemployed, Hunter
Family & Friends
Family: Devlin Ashford (father)
Kayla Ashford (mother)
Michael Ashford (brother)
Nolan Ashford (uncle)
Jeanne Ashford (aunt)
William Ashford (cousin)
Annabella Ashford (cousin)
Gavin Sterling (AR husband)
Finn Sterling (AR son)
Relationships: Gavin Mitchell (present lover)
Gavin Sterling (ex-boyfriend)
Calogero Iorio (fling)
Friends: Brayden Abrams
Adelina Kroman
Cathrine Abrams
Zara Iorio
Enemies: Shadowkind
Other Information
Education: Columbia University
Awards: Most Disciplined
Most Alluring
Most Gorgeous
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: Season One
Portrayer: Mandy Moore


Born into the Ashford family, Lorelei had a happy childhood without a care in the world. Her family resided on the shores of Long Island in New York on their family estate. She was the first born to Devlin and Kayla Ashford. Her father worked in the city as a senior manager as a bonds trader. Their vast wealth accumulated from the luck of the stock and bond market. A few months before the Apple stock's quick rise, her father had purchased a large amount of shares, which would double their fortunes. Being enchanters, one had to question the legitimacy of that rise but it was never proven.

Lorelei 9

Lorelei Ashford at age 9

Growing up with the powers to enchant had shaped Lorelei into the person she was. Playful in nature she loved to cause mischief wherever she went. There was that charm about her that would cause people to want to be near her, get to know her. Her abilities also allowed her to easily manipulate and bend people to her will. This in turn would make her out to be rather spoiled as well as easily adapting to any situation and her surroundings. Lorelei could easily get herself out of any jam, never a bump in her road. There were limits to what she could do; using them too often would make her grow weary.

At the age of seven the Leopold family had kidnapped her and the rest of the children of the bloodlines. She couldn't remember much of what happened. It had seemed like one big adventure to the little girl and in the end they had been rescued. Her world since then had been a blur. While in school she was the image of perfection, a finger would never point her way when something went wrong. Usually she had been the cause and no one had ever been the wiser. Within her family it had been a game, you never knew what to expect when you walked into the Ashford household. Even at the age of twenty-three she was a little devious imp, but life changing events would sober her slightly, but not enough to break her.

One night the elders of her family simply disappeared without a trace or note. In times like this, the eldest of the children would gain control of the family, which hadn't been her; going about their lives normally but with slightly more caution. It hadn't lasted long though. The Leopold family somehow knew the children were unprotected and with that came destruction. Only two of the children would escape the house while the other two perished at their hands. How had they known? Lorelei never knew. The eldest of the four had been lost and the reins of the family had been passed down to her.

Never in all her life had she expected this fate, not this soon, had she brought this on herself? Had she subconsciously want this? No, that couldn’t have been the reason. She wasn't supposed to be the Head of the family, she couldn't be. Most of all she couldn't panic, for she was now responsible for the safety of the only other Ashford in her care. The new position wouldn't sit well with her, ever. What was she to do? What would the elders do? They wouldn't last long on their own; she would need to seek aid from the other families. And that's exactly what she'd do.

Season OneEdit

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Season TwoEdit

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Brayden AbramsEdit


Lorelei Ashford and Brayden Abrams

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Calogero IorioEdit

Before the beginning of Alchemy, Lorelei Ashford had little to no interaction with most of the arcane families. To say she was stuck up would be an exaggeration, albeit one that wasn't completely untrue. Not every arcane family had been wealthy or in her family's class. before the abduction, she had only been in contact with with a small handful which included Calogero, the oldest of the illusionist family. The enchanter had spent summers visiting the Iorio villa in Florence, Italy since she was old enough to go on her own. Her parents had kept in close touch with the head of the illusionist clan since she had come to be friends with their daughter Zara. The two girls were inseparable as they would roam the country estate with her older brother tagging along to keep a close eye on them. Cal had always had an appreciation for beautiful things, a testament to his life in Italy. He liked fast cars, rich surroundings, and her. While they had shared a close, if not odd friendship, they understood each other. As she grew up, he had come to realize her full potential before she was even out of the schoolroom. Despite an age difference of five years, there had been no awkwardness.

Their feelings might have been based on immature notions of lust, but he had introduced her to a world of limitless possibilities. She could do anything she wanted and have any full blooded male she set her sights on. Even though their intimacy only had begun when she was nineteen, the enchanter had no notions of a happily-ever-after between the two. Lorelei was realistic which was why their fling had lasted as long as it did. Cal may not have have been her white knight (she didn't need one), but he would always remain a close friend.

There were very few people she trusted at the Azoth Estate when they had arrived that faithful day. Cal had been one of the few there she would even give the time of day to. While their "relationship" had been over for quite some time, the head of the enchanter family knew that he would have never sold her family out to the Leopold Hunters.

Adelina KromanEdit

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Gavin SterlingEdit

Prior to the shoes he had to fill once the elders disappeared, Gavin Sterling had been just another boy of little note in Lorelei's past. To the little six year old, boys were the plague and something to avoid. By unvoiced acknowledgment, the head of the arcane families had always been the one in charge of the conjuration family. For this reason alone, Lorelei had found herself in the company of their son Gavin. Distrust had run a muck between the families after their children were captured, and the elders had literally refused to gather as a group ever since then. While in captivity, Lorelei had come face to face with Adelina Kroman, her rival as a child. Yet, once met with a common enemy the two had joined forces against the conjurer. To them captivity was a game and an adventure. The hunters holding them hostage were of little consequence. The severity of the situation barely registered to the girls. They were the daughters of powerful families and they knew their rightful place in the world. No human could touch them, but it was Gavin at a mere ten years of age, who stopped them from staging a breakout. Since that day, the name Gavin and nuisance usually went hand in hand and Adelina and Lorelei were always had a knack for finding each other in a crowd.

That day she gained a best friend and a target. Ever since then it was impossible to be in the same room as the Sterling boy without retaliating in some way. He was the victim of an endless prank war. It wasn't uncommon to find the children causing some kind of trouble when The three were put together in a room. As she got older, she usually avoided any gathering by remaining at school when she knew he would be there. Eventually her actions would become habit and it was impossible not to revert to her old ways. The pranks were never cruel in nature, kid stuff really. There had been the one time when Adelina and Lorelei had snuck in the conjurer's bedroom at the Azoth Estate and enchanted everything into a wonderful shade of pink. Their parents could easily see the clash but they were never reprimanded for their actions. It was all in good fun, despite a two-against-one odds in favor of the girls.

By the time she graduated college, boys were obviously not a problem anymore. Her summers in Italy had been another excuse to avoid the larger majority of the arcane families. It wasn't her destiny to lead her family in the future, William would have to deal with the other heads, not her. There was no reason for her to meet the others or engage in any diplomatic trips, which is why the enchantress kept to her own circle of friends and why she had never seen Gavin for quite some time. When the elders disappeared in 2006, William was acting head of the family and they would remain at the Ashford Manor. There was no need to panic--yet, and they were safest in their home. The enchantments and magical barriers were as strong as the ones placed on the estate in Seattle. The house had been in their family for over a century and as long as their location wasn't revealed, they would be fine. Unfortunately, the enchanter children couldn't prevent someone else revealing the secrets of the Manor. Which was exactly what happened. Barely escaping with her life, William had sacrificed his own for his sister and cousin, but Annabella wouldn't make it to Michael's dorm to warn him and leave. In a matter of moments her life had turned upside-down--the elders were missing and her cousins were dead. The remaining two Ashford siblings were the last and there was only one place they would be safe--the Azoth Estate.

It would seem they hadn't been the only family to come to that conclusion, those left behind would be at the Estate and would look to Gavin for answers. Her usual demeanor towards the conjurer had been curbed but it wouldn't stop her from trying to establish some normalcy in her life. It had been years since she had come face-to-face with the eldest Sterling, he had grown up. While the younger ones would play house, it was left to the newly designated heads to reign them in and figure out exactly where their parents had gone. During her time there, despite the spider incident, Lorelei soon realized she grew to respect him as a leader. Her position had been thrust onto her and she could now understand the decisions he had to make. Decisions that would affect every member of the arcane families, and she only had to care for her brother's wellbeing as head. Something changed during her time there, whether it was because of the battles they fought against harpies or the losses of their family members, she didn't see him as the same boy she knew. She constantly wore a mask for the benefit of the others, but he had been the one to witness the cracks.

From that point on, as broken as she was, he had been there to catch her during that time. Lorelei wasn't weak, simply overwhelmed and that was how she found herself in his room the night after one of the endless battles ensuing outside the Estate. He simply held her, comforted her in the only way that felt natural to him. Things were about to heat up for the remaining arcanists though, and they would have little to no time to analyze what was happening between them. The Estate was attacked shortly after by the Behemoth and a horde of shadowkind in it's wake. That day many were slain before their very eyes, including her brother. Lorelei was heartbroken as Adelina tried to console her, yet they were interrupted by the swarm headed their way. She had runone way, her dar friend another. The enchanter had tried to go back to her brother's body and she literally had to be dragged from the scene by Brayden. They fled to Sunset Glades in Florida. A minor base for the arcane families in the middle of a development. They wouldn't be safe for long but it did create some distance between them and the destruction. With their numbers severed by two-thirds and the loss of her brother, she was all alone. The last of the Ashford family left. Gavin had developed a habit of catching her more vulnerable moments and from that point on, they weren't just friends. She couldn't explain what they were but they were something.

Fate had it in for them though and the Behemoth refused to rest. Once again the remaining archaists had to escape but this time Gavin wouldn't be among the survivors, or so she thought. He had mattered to her and she snapped. Lorelei would no longer sit idly by. Her feelings were chaotic and indistinguishable. Had it been love? Even she didn't know. A deep respect yes, but their moment had come and gone before she could discover the truth and she would never know. Even when she discovered he was still alive two years later with amnesia, the enchanter would barely speak two words to him before she was sucked into the vortex.

Alternate RealityEdit

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Gavin MitchellEdit


Lorelei Ashford and Gavin Mitchell

Fate would seem to find amusement in Lorelei Ashford's personal life. Even at a young age she had developed a strict, independent nature that required no help from anyone. She was an Ashford, the pride and joy of her parents and the embodiment of what her family stood for. There was only question that remained--why couldn't the rest of the world see that? Of course no one outside the arcane families knew their secret and yet, they had to fool the rest of the world into believing they were just another family, albeit a wealthy and privileged one. The Ashford family was well known to the community since they constantly donated their money to charities. To the outside world, they were considered high society and were members to all the right circles. No one ever suspected the truth or would have ever guessed what secret was buried behind closed doors. Not even their neighbors who had inordinate amount of time on the property. Lorelei never understood why her cousin Will ever bothered to play nice with the eldest of the Mitchell twins. Boys would be boys, something she never understood being that she was three years younger than the two of them.

Her cousin didn't have to make friends, he could force them to do whatever he wanted. Something she would have happily been amused at when she was only five years old. Gavin Mitchell had teased her maliciously as a child, her mother had caught her before she could enact her revenge. Ever since then, her powers had been suppressed by her father when the Mitchell boy was around, until she was old enough to respect the gift she was born with. All of them went to the same school, rode the same bus together, but she was obviously never in their classes. Despite the endless teasing, all the boys in her life, including her brother, united together when the enchantress was "threatened" by another boy in school. As Gavin put it, only he could tease her and no one else. It made absolutely no sense, at the blink of an eye they would attack. Didn't they realize she could take care of herself? Obviously not, which was why she put them all in their place when Timmy Novack picked the wrong day to cross paths with a six-year old enchanter. He was found outside in the school yard, hanging from one of the highest trees completely naked with his clothes no where to be found.

While Gavin didn't understand the truth of what happened, William and Michael knew that Lorelei had commanded him to do it. She had a thing for trees and no one was the wiser. Ever since then, they had backed off, not completely but enough where she wasn't suffocated. The eldest twin never did as tension would continue to build up until his senior year in high school. By that time she had been fourteen and a freshman.

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Alternate RealityEdit

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Signature SpellsEdit

Touch of Command: Puts a creature or human under the caster's direct control, enchanting the mind. Eyes turn into black abyss as the target can't seem to remove it's gaze. Once under the enchanter's spell, they are under their complete control. The soul of the target is permanently linked to the enchanter as they receive perfect devotion and will act in the best interest of their master. The target would even die for them if it would protect their commander, without any thought of their own safety. The caster must touch the target in order for their souls to be woven.