Lyra Sullivan
General Information
Domain: Illusion
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 132 lbs.
Occupation(s): Thief
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: Alchemy, Season Three
Portrayer: Katheryn Winnick


Lyra's childhood was anything but kind. It started with kindness, with love and cherishment. But things seriously deteriorated three months before her tenth birthday.

The rain had been coming down hard for the last couple of days and Hunter had been sick as a dog. But Lyra was sick as well and needed some medicine. Asking their neighbor across the hall to look after her while he was gone, Hunter headed out... and never came back home. They found his vehicle on the side of the road two miles south of the local Walgreens with his wallet, his keys and jacket in it, but Hunter was nowhere to be found. After an extensive search, no body was found and he was listed as a missing person. With the deaths of her granparents two years prior, Lyra had nowhere to go but the system. That would be the beginning of a very different life for the young girl.

For the first three years in the orphanage the courts put her in, Lyra was mostly overlooked. Partially because she wasn't as lively as some of the other children in the orphanage and partially because she had her own issues. Nightmares plagued her dreams and no one wanted to keep a kid who woke them screaming in the middle of the night every night. So they'd bring her back and replace her, in a sense. Needless to say, something like that takes a toll on a child's self-esteem. She kept to herself more often than not and only really got involved with something if someone were bullying a younger kid. If there was one thing Lyra hated, it was bullies.

After she turned fourteen, Lyra seemed to attract the families with secretly (or not so secretly) warped members. Not all of them necessarily, usually just the husband or son. And the first family that took her in at the age of fourteen showed her exactly how warped people could be. She supposed maybe she should have been grateful that she was older instead of younger when she ran into these people. To her surprise, it wasn't the husband who turned out to be the sick fuck in this family. It was the wife and the first time that Lyra was hit, she took off back to the first place she could think of: the orphanage. Needless to say, the management wasn't happy. When a kid they gave to a family came back with a black eye, the shit hit the fan and the family was black listed. Lyra stayed another two months.

The second family that came through seemed nice until she'd been with them three months. Lyra thought she was in the clear, but then the wife's brother moved in. He was the type that didn't like to hit. He liked to bite... and only in bed. He was a drunk and at fifteen, Lyra was raped by a drunk man with two crooked teeth and a dominance problem. When she told her adopted mother, she didn't believe her and sent her back to the orphanage.

By far, though, it was the third family who really broke the camel's back for Lyra. The son of the couple wasn't demented. He wasn't sick. He actually came across as incredibly nice and sweet. Until he started hitting on her and she didn't return his feelings. According to him, his parents had adopted Lyra for him. Just for him. A friend for him, a sister for him... a lover for him. She belonged to him and that was that. She was nothing more than his possession. Lyra began to fear him, so before he could try anything with her, she packed up what little she still had and took off. This time, she didn't return to the orphanage.

Instead, Lyra took to the streets. For two weeks she slept underneath the Santa Monica Pier. She begged, she worked odd jobs when she could find them, and she still knew she wasn't going to survive if she didn't stop and reevaluate her standings on some things. She found a warehouse that was rarely used and set up shop, using what she had to settle in and get by for the first couple of days. But hunger set in and she needed food in a bad way anyway. So the first thing she did was go out and beg once again. When that didn't work, she found the first small cafe she could, then dined and ditched for the first time in her life. However, Lyra knew that she couldn't do this constantly. There weren't that many cafes and restaurants that didn't have cameras or had spots that were blind to the cameras. And people had good memories when they were stiiffed their cash after they put in the work. It sucked, and Lyra hated having to do it, but a girl had to eat.

After several trial and errors (one that almost landed her in jail had she not been able to quickly talk the man out of it), Lyra learned how to pick pocket like a pro. She learned the art of running into a person and slipping their wallet out from their pocket. But she feared becoming too detached where people were concerned, so she never took everything. She left their credit cards and only took the cash, then dropped their wallet in either a lost and found or to the police station, dropping it off at the counter while saying she found it on the ground.

But things began to progress. On top of money, she began breaking and entering establishments. She needed clothes and she needed food. So she got them the only way that seemed to be of any help to her. She stole them. She had to learn for herself, trusting no one around her, and so it came with trial and errors just as much as the pickpocketing then. This led to her first - and only, so far - physical scar.

Choosing to break into a small house with a fence around it had been her first mistake. Thinking she could get in, get food and maybe a shower, and get out since the family was on vacation, Lyra made her way inside. She got her shower, but not her food. Mainly because what she hadn't counted on was the fact that, while the family was gone on vacation, they'd told their nephew he could use the place while they were away. She'd had to make a quick getaway... which had her trying to squeeze through an opening in the rusty fence. It tore a gash into her left thigh that Lyra knew was deep and might need stitches. Weighing her options, the blonde went to the nearest hospital. At seveteen they could put her back in the orphanage, so as soon as they were done and Lyra had given them her (very false) information... she knew she'd have to skip out of town. But in her condition, Lyra couldn't go too far.

She packed up and made it to LA. It was a busy city, one she could easily get lost in. So Lyra settled in to the first abandoned warehouse she found and began again. For the next four years, things were very much the same for her, with the additions of a few cons under here belt as well. Even though she was old enough to get a job, she lacked a high school diploma and had been stealing and lying for almost seven years. She knew how, was more confident in that than anything. But she still knew that maybe there was a better way out of her mess.

One more job. A big one. Then maybe she'd go straight. Maybe.

Season ThreeEdit

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