Margaux Bontecou
General Information
Domain: Divination
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Family & Friends
Family: Remy Bontecou (brother)
Charlize Bontecou (sister)
Kaprece Bontecou (sister)
Relationships: Alec Abrams (ex-boyfriend)
Logan Kilmartin (fling)
Friends: Cathrine Abrams
Clover Mayfair
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: Season One
Last appearance: Season Three
Portrayer: Gemma Ward


By the time Margaux was born, her family had already established quite the reputation. They were envied, and feared, and their fortune was enormous. Margaux had everything she could ever want, including her very own pony and a room to die for. Being in that kind of household, one can get spoiled, but having an older sister like Kaprece made Margaux appreciative, headstrong, and very loving. She also had another older sister, Charlize, and the oldest of all the siblings was Remy; they were all very close. She was a carefree kind of spirit, with lots of humor and happiness radiating around her at all times. She grew up under the careful eye of her parents and siblings, all of whom taught her about Divination. She had lessons from an early age, especially from Kaprece. It was Kaprece who she appreciated most of all, looking up to her above the others.

It was an easy lifestyle that let the Bontecou children have all the best. They traveled around the world, they had fun, they were put in the best schools anyone could afford, and made frequent trips to America. The family had a way with stock markets, and so their money supply never ran out. It was a generally easy childhood until Charlize had an accident. The one bump on their perfect record as the perfect family was Charlize. Three years Margaux’s senior, when Charlize was 15 she had some sort of a psychotic break-down, possibly in connection with her visions of the future and the general fight the Bontecou kids often had with their Divination abilities. Charlize was shoved away into a mental institution, left to be forgotten. Kaprece took this information well, as she was the one who did it, though Remy and Margaux had a hard time. It was around this time that two things happened; one, Margaux stopped trusting Kaprece fully, starting to bond more with her brother. Two, the Bontecou family stopped visiting the other Arcane families.

But, life went on as it had to. It was normal for quite some time until, shortly after her eighteenth birthday, her parents disappeared. The three siblings left went through massive fights, so much betrayal and arguing. Remy ended up leaving - to go after their parents, Margaux had thought, though she wasn’t sure. This left, for some time, only Kaprece and Margaux to go to America and meet up with the kids of the other Arcane families. Trying to trust her sister, Margaux followed her.

Season OneEdit

Meeting up with the other families was interesting. She met up with so many others that she remembered hanging out with as a kid. Initially there was some tension, for the fact that Margaux’s whole family had stopped communicating with the others, stopped visiting, and there were some suspicions that they had something to do with the tragedy that fell upon the Ashford family. But, as it was, Margaux was determined to prove her innocence and gain the trust of the others. She became fast friends with Clover, and started up a bit of a love affair with Alec, while also becoming good friends with Brayden. She hadn’t been that happy with people in a long time, since generally her only friends had been her family members. Most of the people in her schools didn’t like to speak to her much.

The families trekked on. Each of them had troubles to run in to - they discovered long lost family members, and worked hard to figure out why all the parents of all the families had suddenly disappeared. Mysteries were beginning to unravel and, for the first time, Margaux felt there was a use for her being a Diviner, use for those visions she got. She felt part of something bigger than the life she had always known and it wasn’t something she disliked. But for some reason, it felt like it disliked her.

A lot of things went down, but perhaps the most important discovery was that her family had had something to do with what happened to the Ashfords. Kaprece had actually been in on the plan as well, and Margaux was shocked. All respect and trust in her sister was lost, and the two became estranged. For a short while, Margaux was head of the Diviner family, as Margaux had officially cast Kaprece out. It took work for her to not be thrown out of Azoth, which she had made her home, but eventually things calmed down and went, generally, back to normal. Remy, her older brother, came back into the picture and eventually Charlize did as well, lessoning the burden Margaux had been carrying on her shoulders for some time. And as they do, things went along again.

When the Estate was demolished in the war against the Shadowkind, Margaux was devastated to find out about the death of her family members. She had traveled with Gavin Sterling on his journey to find a magical artifact, and had arrived just in time to watch the Estate fall. With terror, she helped out as much as she could during the terrible battle.

Season TwoEdit

As if enough tragedy hadn’t hit the groups already, more struck and this time it pulled quite a few of them apart from each other. With the families being dealt deadly blows that ended a few of the ancient bloodlines, Margaux was thankful that she had made it through the war at the Estate. The Arcane Protectors ushered the survivors down to Sunset Glades, and it was Margaux who encouraged everyone to do so. She could tell that they had the best intentions, though the terror that would strike while in Florida was lost to her.

When the Leopold Hunters struck, Margaux was kidnapped and held for quite some time on her own by James Archer. The fear from the man was instantly instilled into her heart. She was subdued to various tortures in an effort for her to spill information about where to find the other Arcanists, as well as the Protectors who were guarding them. Regardless of his tactics, James never managed to get Margaux to confess anything. She never spoke a word. When she was rescued from him, by Logan Kilmartin, she began to have post-traumatic stress symptoms, which terrorized her throughout her days.

After spending some time with the others, and growing closer to Logan, she ran. Whether it was because she had seen the second war coming, or because she couldn’t handle anything anymore with the rest of her family being dead, she simply ceased to exist. She ran back to France, breaking off all contact with the rest of the families. She foresaw them all losing their abilities, and wasn’t surprised when Serik appeared to rip them from her.

Season ThreeEdit

Building a normal, human life after that wasn’t as hard as she had imagined it would be. Margaux found herself a good career in Europe, as a high fashion supermodel. As luck would have it, her career had her running into Riley Cameron on more than one occasion; with her abilities gone, she had no idea he was destined to become an Evoker. She did some work in America, though most of her career was set in France.

How she survived for two years without the use of her Divination abilities was a mystery to her, though she did. She lived off the leftover fortune of her family, in addition to the money he was making as a well-known European supermodel. Eventually, she bought a new house somewhere in California, to establish a name for herself in America. She took up work in Los Angeles, not knowing that the area would eventually be her downfall.

One day, she received a mysterious letter, telling her to visit the penthouse that her family had once owned. Following on a whim, she ran into figures from her past, as well as new Arcanists. The thought brought bile in her throat, and she ran from the mixed emotions that sprung forth; she didn’t want to be caught up in the war again. Leaving with Gwendolyn Harris, a new Evoker, the two escaped to the alleyway outside. The two were attacked by a lone Kelfazu, and Margaux’s throat was slit. Her body was collected as a trophy of the Shadowkind.