Michael Ashford
General Information
Domain: Enchantment
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 167 lbs.
Occupation(s): Asshole
Family & Friends
Family: Devlin Ashford (father)
Kayla Ashford (mother)
Lorelei Ashford (sister)
William Ashford (cousin)
Annabella Ashford (cousin)
Brayden Abrams (AU! Husband)
Finn Sterling (AU Nephew)
Friends: Alec Abrams (Brother-in-law)
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: Season One
Portrayer: Drew Fuller


Michael Ashford was born the second child to Devlin and Kayla Ashford, and the first son to their particular branch of the Enchanter bloodline. As is often the case with the those whose magical domain allows them to influence just about any aspect of human life, Devlin utilized his gifts toward his own ends, amassing a large fortune playing the stock market and ensuring that the Ashford line would maintain a particularly favorable social standing for many years to come. As a result, the Ashford siblings were given privileged lifestyle throughout the entirety of their childhood. As Michael and his older sister Lorelei were only one year apart, it was no surprise that the siblings grew up relatively close to one another (as well as their cousins, William and Anabella). Still, despite their bond, Michael and Lorelei represented two separate sides of the coin when it came to their magical abilities. Like his father before him, Michael never seemed to possess any real moral compass when it came to utilizing his abilities for his own personal gain. In fact, at one point, Michael's opinions of his powers were borderline ruthless. He saw them as a great gift to use towards his own betterment and entertainment. He had no problem with using his abilities to help him get whatever he could have wanted, or simply to provide a bit of amusement at the expense of another. As the younger of two siblings, he was granted more freedom and less responsibility than his sister, which only bred his feelings of entitlement and superiority over just about everybody else. Basically, he was a spoiled brat for quite some time. This attitude peaked in adolescence, and over the next few years Michael continued utilizing his gifts when he felt it necessary. School suddenly took little to no effort on his part, as instructors and other similar figures became more than accommodating, easily persuaded to help their favorite pupil along. Nobody was safe from his silent manipulations--at least not until his powers were temporarily bound by his parents as a result of the repeated misuse. It was a lesson in humility, if nothing else. Needless to say, Michael cleaned up his act for the most part, though he still wouldn't hesitate to resort to more subtle manipulation when he feltit necessary--something that remains with him to this day. Lorelei still does not always approve of her brother's use of his abilities, but it doesn't prevent him from taking advantage of his talents at any given chance either provided he feels that he has good reason.

Season OneEdit

Shortly after the disappearance of his parents, and while attending school in New York, the Ashford household was ambushed by a long-standing family of witch hunters, resulting in the deaths of his two cousins. His sister, Lorelei, who succeeded to head of the household only a short time thereafter, was the only survivor of the incident. There was a distinct change in Michael from that moment forward, no doubt a direct result of the majority of his family meeting an untimely demise. While he still utilizes his power at any given opportunity, the tone with which Michael does so has taken a complete turn. No longer does he seem interested in causing mischief, and instead has taken a much more serious role as one of the two last remaining members of the Ashford line. He openly opposes the idea of accepting aid from the other magical families, suspicion leading him to believe it was one of them who alerted the hunters to his own family's vulnerable state for their own reasons. Needless to say, he is not very receptive to anyone else, regarding those with magical abilities (aside from his sister), with a particularly cold disposition. Following a surprise attack on Azoth Estate during which the shadowkind managed to breach the magical barriers set up to protect the families, many lost their lives. Michael was among the casualties.

Season TwoEdit

Michael was deceased during this time.

Season ThreeEdit

[ Alternate Universe ]

Following the disappearance of their parents, the Ashfords stuck together and remained a much stronger force in the alternate timeline, what with no attempt to eradicate their bloodline by the Leopold family of hunters. William and Annabella would not die as a result, leaving the Enchanter line much more powerful than it had been going into the war against the shadow kind within the main timeline. Although they never had reason to congregate at Azoth Estate this time around, the Ashfords still worked closely with the other Arcanians in order to fight the magical war that was responsible for the disappearance of each bloodline's elders. The Evokers and the Illusionists in particular remained close with the Enchanters throughout the years. Without any need to hide their magic in this world, the outcome of this battle proved much less casualty-heavy than it had been within the main timeline. Michael survived, along with his sister and just about everyone else. With the outcome of the war turning out in favor of the Arcanian bloodlines, Michael was once more able to focus on himself. He returned to NYU in order to complete his business degree with the hope of following in his father's footsteps and becoming a successful investor (as little work as possible, with maximum return). As it would turn out, he and Alec Abrams became close friends during this time, even sharing an apartment together in New York at the suggestion of their older siblings. Lorelei, having married Gavin Sterling in this reality, moved to his home in Boston, where Alec's older brother and Lorelei's long-time friend Brayden Abrams was attending Harvard at the time. Although it began innocently enough, Michael and Brayden's visits to their respective siblings soon became the basis for an ulterior motive between the two of them. Brayden, following the loss of his younger sister Alison, was taken back to a dark place he thought he had moved past after the death of his older brother some years prior. Alison's death only brought these buried feelings to the surface once more, and he eventually sought solace with Michael, who saw Brayden's vulnerability as another opportunity that he could exploit for his own benefit. What began as a mostly meaningless facet through which Brayden could cope soon evolved into familiarity, and then eventually something more between the two of them. Michael, who had never thought of settling down--least of all with his sister's best friend and another man, was the one to eventually push for something more. Brayden seemed receptive to the idea (and of his own free will, to boot). They eventually made their relationship public, and with the support of their families even agreed to tie the knot. Around this time, Lorelei gave birth to a son, Finn. Unfortunately, Lorelei's relationship with Gavin would not end happily ever after, as Gavin had met an untimely end due to the intervention of demonic forces. Distraught following her husband's death, Lorelei then returned to the Ashford Estate in New York, and Michael (plus Brayden, by proxy) was not far behind her. Along with William, Annabella and Brayden, he helped as much as anyone could given such a circumstance, and ended up becoming very close with his young nephew as a result. Despite her being the elder, Michael still views Lorelei as someone that he needs to protect, and has made it his personal responsibility to ensure her safety and well-being, as well as the safety and well-being of her son in Gavin's absence. With most of his attention focused on his grieving sister and his nephew, Michael and Brayden's relationship eventually began to suffer. More and more, Brayden found himself placed on the proverbial backburner, and after so long the strain finally pushed him to look elsewhere for the attention that he was not being given at home. The resulting fallout caused the two to separate while they decided whether the growing rift between them could be repaired, or if attempting to do so at all would be a lost cause altogether.


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Signature SpellsEdit

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