Natalie Tanen
General Information
Domain: Abjuration
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Hair Color: Black/Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: Alchemy, Season Three
Portrayer: Ginnifer Goodwin


No one could say she led a life of privilege and security. With both parents divorced at a young age, Natalie Tanen had lived with her mother Evelyn in the city of brotherly love. Despite living in a cramped apartment twelve floors above the ground, a happy smile would always be found on her lips. When her father had left, her mother had made up a game to play. When things were rough, as they usually were, Natalie would imagine a world far away where nothing could touch her. She had become a bit of a dreamer as her imagination had taken her soaring to distant lands. Safe inside the recesses of her mind, no one could touch her. Many of her peers avoided her, yet she never had trouble socializing with others. With little to no social life, it was no surprise when she graduated from Penn State with honors and a Masters in elementary education. At twenty-seven years of age, teaching in the same school she went to and living in the same neighborhood, Natalie’s life had not changed much. That was until she found a hideous Kreelock hovering over her dead mother’s body just as she had come home a few nights after the strange happenings had occurred. She turned to bolt and had run straight into another body and before she knew it she was whisked away to The Keep situated on top of Mount Whitney. Since then, she trained under the Essentian, Arik, as he taught her to harness her powers.

Season ThreeEdit

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