Neona Mayfair
General Information
Domain: Abjuration
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Family & Friends
Family: William Mayfair (brother)
Clover Mayfair (cousin)
Behind the Scenes
Portrayer: Katie McGrath


Born in Liverpool, England, Neona Mayfair was the youngest out of her and her brother. Though her aunt and uncle often liked to travel without their daughter, her parents frequently took their children out on hunting excursions with them. The two raised their children to be valiant in the use of their gifts, and often took Neona herself on little, safe hunts so that she could learn how to use her Abjuration gifts to the best of her ability.

Growing up, she was very close to her brother, as well as her cousin, Clover Mayfair. The three were frequently together, though often the siblings paired up against their cousin at Clover’s expense. Playing pranks on her amongst other things, the three eventually learned to cohabitate without playing multiple tricks on the others. Though her sense of humor never wavered, Neona’s immaturity did – growing up, she became a well-behaved individual who loved adventure, though hated getting dirty.

Often on hunting trips, she was strictly the defensive player in the trio. While her brother William took the offensive with their gifts against the Shadowkind, she often stayed back and watched her brother and cousin’s backs when they fought. Though she was known for such defensive tactics, she did like to partake in the fighting every now and then. Sometimes she came off as snooty and proper, though the exterior personality was usually reserved for those that she didn’t trust.

As she grew old enough for University, she left without much thought. Still returning for any family occasion, she often took surprise visits to her brother or to Clover, just because she wanted to please them. She planned for her and William to surprise Clover with a trip to the states, though it was that adventure that eventually led to her downfall.

Convincing William to go with her, the two made their way to the local subway station in William’s town. There, they found themselves in turmoil: two wraiths were terrorizing the vicinity, claiming multiple people as their victims. Having no choice but to use their powers, they caught the eye of a group of people who had been hunting them for a long time: the Leopolds. Once the two Shadowkind had been eradicated, and the people had fled, the two Mayfairs found themselves trapped down in the station by the ones hunting them.

The Leopolds kept them trapped down in the subway station for two days, occasionally showing themselves to fight the Arcanists but not doing much damage to them; at first, they were only toying with them. Once they had the two Abjurers tired and weak, they all attacked the weakened two – killing them ruthlessly for their cause.