Penn Rutherford
General Information
Domain: Conjuration
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Family & Friends
Friends: Riley Cameron
Carolina Kenyon
Ava Pierce
Enemies: Alison Abrams (Lich Queen)
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: Season Three
Last appearance: Season Three
Portrayer: Chris Evans


Penn was born Peter Rutherford in San Diego, California. Although his parents and grandparents were born in the United States, his family has had a strong connection to their British and Italian roots, the most obvious form being their religious beliefs. His parents founded two successful psychology clinics one in San Diego and the other in Los Angeles. Penn grew up an only child and enjoyed the attention that presented, even if it came with a large amount of psychological baggage. They structured his “early development” around activities and sports, attempting to force his natural talents out of him. He started drinking around his early teens as a way to escape their relentless parenting, as it got worse. The very moment he could get away from his family he did, attending UCLA. It would seem that his parent’s technique gave him too many options instead of narrowing down his innate ability so he studied undeclared. After three semesters he dropped out and eventually ended up as a tattoo artist. It was a career he kind of lucked into, he had been studying art since middle school and most of his coursework in college revolved around art in some way.

Already involved in the Hollywood scene his career flourished quickly. That’s not to say there weren’t bumps in the road, but he always managed to crawl out from under the struggles. Sometime in May 2001, Penn was hired to tattoo an Australian indie songstress looking for something to symbolize the beginning of her professional recording career. A little anxious about her first tattoo she asked if he’d have lunch with her to discuss her ideas and see what input he could provide. Something grew from there budding under the surface and after her tat was completed she still came by to see him. It progressed into a full-fledged relationship, he was there for every California show, and when she was on the road they agonized over the separation. In time they were forced to accept that it wasn’t the right time for them. At that point he had been in and out of recovery for his alcoholism and the depression of the relationship’s failure had him teetering on a thin line. In order to help with the thralls of his addiction and possibly just find a distraction he enrolled in a martial arts class in the Valley. During his youth he’d taken classes so he wasn’t starting from a blank slate. Soon he’d find that there was more to glean from this hobby than just self-discipline.

Season ThreeEdit

Following an attack by a redcap, Penn turned to his friend Ava looking for answers on the world he had been unwillingly thrust into. While at the Griddle Café, he received a text requesting he go to a graveyard not too far away. Though his instincts told him to stay away, he followed the lead and found himself being attacked by the undead Lich Queen, Alison Abrams. In the graveyard, he met up with Riley Cameron and Carolina Kenyon, though their introductions were brief and to the point. Being thrown into a maelstrom of chaos, the three took refuge in a mausoleum, thinking it to be a safe place.

Unfortunately, they were wrong. Raising zombies from their crypts, Alison set them onto the trio ruthlessly. Using his newfound Conjuration abilities, Penn managed to teleport Riley and Carolina safely out of the area – though he was unable to save himself. Alison ripped the beating heart from his chest before he could escape, killing the Arcanist and making him one of the first casualties among the newly started war.

Signature SpellsEdit

Heal: This spell can weave wounds back together, healing all damage and returning the object or person to the way it once was. Any scrapes, cuts, or bruises will disappear, freshly mended; the skin of the body will appear as if it had never been hurt at all. As the power of the Conjurer advances, this spell can grow stronger and heal major, deadly wounds.