Sebastian Mosely
General Information
Domain: Eldritch Hunter
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Hair Color: Messy brown
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 142 lbs.
Family & Friends
Relationships: Riley Cameron (ex-boyfriend)
Friends: Dominic Hayes
Taylor Sullivan
Logan Kilmartin
Other Information
Awards: Danger Sense
Most Patient
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: Season Three
Portrayer: Chace Crawford


Born as the only son to Joseph and Lily Mosely, Sebastian was the child that they had always wanted. Both parents had separate ideas on how to raise him however. Both stemmed from families that had long been in the line of arcane protection, though Lily did not want to continue living that life, nor did she want to raise her son in that lifestyle. Joseph had a different idea, not wanting to give up the life of hunting and wanting to teach his son to live the lifestyle that he and Lily had lived for theirs. The fights that followed on how to raise their child were always behind closed doors, and the eventual decision ended up in a divorce between the two.

Sebastian was split up, and would stay with one parent for a week before being switched to the next. When he was with his mom, he was living a normal life. When he stayed with his dad, however, he was learning the ways of the hunt and how to defend himself against the things that went bump in the night. According to his father, no one could escape their destiny, and Sebastian had been born into a family of hunters – it was what he was meant to do.

Sebastian hunted, but he grew tired of the hunt. His father started taking him out on the field more and more, and he hardly got to spend time with his mother as he grew up. At 15, he resented being forced to follow the ways of an Eldritch Hunter, and moved in with his mother so that he could live a normal teenage life. He and his father fell out of contact, and Sebastian was allowed to live the life that his mother had wanted for him to begin with.

Moving off for college, he became involved in school activities that didn’t require you to act violently – he stayed away from contact sports, and instead joined clubs in order to lead without “fighting” for a position or achievement. There were a few deaths around his area that could have been explained as Shadowkind, but Sebastian turned his back on researching into them, continuing to live the life his mother had wanted. For a while, he even believed that the hunting trips he had gone on with his father had just been dreamed up in his childhood head.

When he graduated from University, he headed out back to his mother’s home to work for the mayor, a job that had been handed to him with help from the friendship between the official’s wife and his mother. The regular life didn’t last much longer – not five months after his graduation, he received a phone call from a girl not much older than himself, explaining that her call was because of his name being the only number in the cell phone that had belonged to his dad. The woman explained to him that his dad had been killed on a hunt, and while she had arrived to help, it was too late. She told him of how his father was one of the few Hunters left, and now that he was gone, their numbers were still rapidly decreasing. A war was raging on, even though Sebastian hadn’t known it. His mother had.

Against his mothers wishes, Sebastian moved to L.A. in order to meet the woman who had called him that night. Upset that his mother had kept the war from him, and believing that hunting again would make his father proud, giving his death more meaning than it had, he moved and began training under the woman, even though she was unattached to him or any other of her students at the facility she owned.

Now, Sebastian is still training under the woman, learning once more all of the things that his father taught him, in order to fight the very beings that had killed his dad.

Season ThreeEdit

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Magical ArtifactEdit


Pandion's Ring

Pandion's Ring: Rumored to be the ring of the great King Pandion of Athens, this artifact brings great strength and durability to the wearer. For four posts, the wearer is granted increased strength along with impenetrable skin. Scared that this ring would fall into the hands of evil, the very crafter hid it soon after making it. Passing it down from generation to generation in secrecy, the owners of this ring never did wear it, believing it to be ordinary. Now, it’s true powers have been realized by Taylor Sullivan, who gave it to Sebastian for him to wear.