Theodore Wickham
General Information
Domain: Transmutation
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Family & Friends
Family: Andrew Wickham (brother)
Dariun Wickham (brother)
Narelle Wickham (sister)
Behind the Scenes
Portrayer: Jesse Spencer


As the baby of the family, Theodore was doted on most by his parents. While he had his ups and downs, he was seen mostly as the child who was most concerned with living a fully “human” life. At a young age, he saw how his brothers and sister excelled (or not) at using their magic. He viewed his life as separate from them, and decided that he didn’t want a life against the Shadowkind to constantly keep his time consumed.

Instead, he allowed himself to be shaped by his peers. He let his “friends” make his decisions for him, and he quickly found himself spiraling downwards into a life of crime. Though his family wasn’t struggling or anything of the sort, Theo began committing petty crimes like theft, just to give himself a bit of a thrill. He lived for the danger that he thought he was experiencing, leaving all of the hunting responsibilities to the others with powers.

These decisions had him at odds with his family for a long time. Theo was out of contact for eight years once, though that wasn’t the only break he took from his family. He was thrown into jail on multiple occasions, usually after a night of drinking out on the town. He was content to live the way he did, until he one day realized that he missed his family. Deciding to clean up his act, he headed back home ready to apologize and mend the bridges he thought he had burned.

Arriving just as the Behemoth did, Theo barely had time to greet Dariun before his older brother was claimed as the first victim of the beast. Andrew broke inside to pull him from the wreckage and away from his dying sibling, though the two ran into Narelle and were quickly distracted. Sacrificing himself, Theodore told his brother to hide Narelle while he dealt with the beast itself. Theodore ran towards the Shadowkind fearlessly, though he was quickly put out of his misery when the monster ripped him apart.