Tobias Wakefield
General Information
Domain: Illusion
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 185 lbs.
Occupation(s): Newspaper Cartoonist
Family & Friends
Friends: Arikstrasza
Jason Price
Gideon Shaw
Gabrielle Sommers
Danae Wrede
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: Alchemy, Season Three
Portrayer: Joshua Jackson


Tobias, son of Michael and Janett Wakefield, grew up just outside of Austin, Texas. Having lived most of his life on the family ranch, he wasn't exposed to much of the real world. Day in and day out he would work from sun up to sun down, and never once did he question or dislike his situation. It was comfortable and consistant. A routine that kept everything on track and in order. That said, the man was not naive. In fact, he prided himself on the fact that despite his up bringing in the country, he was quite intelligent. Tobias hated the stereotype of being slow and stupid, and his slightly 'country' accent only helped to hinder what progress he might have made.

Now, being secluded as he was, the only way Tobias remained sane was the use of his imagination, and a knack for sketching. From a young age his parents, when they could, nurtured these gifts. At one point, Tobias, after graduating high school, was accepted to an art school. He attended, and even earned his degree. It took two more years before Tobias was ready to move into his career; Art Teacher. It was two weeks before he was to take the job and move, then without warning, Tobias left Texas, and most of his belongings to head to California. He had no real reason for the trek, other than it 'felt right'. That was all he could offer his family as to why he ditched his career, and that's all they would ever get from him. Shortly after Tobias left, they cut all ties with him.

So for better or for worse, Tobias was now on his own.

Season ThreeEdit

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