Vanyel Sterling
General Information
Domain: Conjuration
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Hair Color: Sandy
Eye Color: Blue
Family & Friends
Family: Larson Sterling (father)
Elle Sterling (mother)
Gavin Sterling (brother)
Zac Sterling (brother)
Hailey Sterling (sister)
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: Season One
Last appearance: Season One
Portrayer: Jake Abel


When Vanyel was born, his parents had already had three other children – though only the others knew two. Being brought up as the third child, as well as the youngest, allowed Elle and Larson Sterling to spoil him where they hadn’t their other children. He grew up a prankster. Instead of sucking up to his parents or pleasing them with little characteristic traits, Vanyel tried to earn their respect through sports and wisecracks.

Throughout most of his childhood, he took part in baseball and track. While he was mostly attempting to get his parents to notice him, he always felt that their eyes fell mostly on Hailey and Gavin. To him, those two were the golden children and he was just someone along for the ride. He never thought that his parents took him seriously as a kid, or even acknowledged him. Even though he was wrong, he was too wrapped up in his own thoughts to ever explain how he felt.

Instead, he became the child who looked to jokes to deal with his problems. He made pranks and teasing out of every little thing he could possibly think of. He didn’t take much of anything seriously, and that included hunting. Vanyel didn’t see the necessity of hunting as such a big responsibility; instead, he saw it as something he had a choice in. Because he thought his siblings were his parents anyway, he mostly let them do all the hunting tasks.

Even when the Shadowkind targeted him specifically throughout life, Gavin always rescued him. He still saw his powers as gifts that he could abuse for his own personal gain. When his parents disappeared, he felt their loss but was mostly worried about what would happen next. When Gavin forced him to move to the Estate, he went reluctantly – and angry that he was being forced to do so.

Season OneEdit

The contempt that formed from being forced to house with the other families of the Arcane ate away at the brain of the youngest Sterling brother. Not used to having to share his family with any other, he found the very presence of the other Arcanists unnerving. Vanyel acted out – if there was dishonesty running amuck in between the families, it was first suspected as his doings. Eventually, his elder brother Gavin realized that it was he to blame for all the mishaps, and the tension between the two skyrocketed.

Treating Vanyel like the kid he was intent on acting like, Gavin teleported the two of them to the Shadow Realm, where he could witness first hand the great destruction that was going to happen to their own realm if they all didn’t learn how to get along. The youth still didn’t get the picture; deciding that if the war was destined to happen, and that they were all going to lose anyway, he rebelled. Refusing to partake in the war at hand, Vanyel made up his mind to leave in secrecy and without telling his family.

The night came for his mission to go into action; deciding that he’d return back home to Boston, Vanyel plotted one more up stirring between the families before he’d leave. He confronted the Iorio’s, the Illusionist family, placing his thoughts of their worthlessness and uselessness into their heads. The anger that built up between them and the boy was only a game to him – he left, without knowing that one of his ‘victims’ was close behind him.

Though Cristiano’s intent was on bringing back the fleeing Conjurer, he instead fell witness to a Shadow Stalker attacking Vanyel. He was too late in helping; the Conjurer’s body was ripped apart with little effort. The Illusionist managed to kill the Shadowkind on his own, though he was still too late to save his fallen—and albeit untrustworthy—comrade. Vanyel’s body was brought back to the Azoth Estate in order try and be healed, though the lack of ability to resurrect him didn’t help anything.