Vincent Cesario
General Information
Domain: Eldritch Hunter
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Family & Friends
Family: Victoria Cesario (twin sister)
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: Season Two
Last appearance: Season Two
Portrayer: Josh Hartnett


Vincent was born as the only son to Alessandra Cesario, as well as the elder of twins. When he was barely an infant, his mother was attacked by a Shadowkind; ripped apart and leaving her kids in the ownership of an unknown legal guardian to decide what to do with them. Because their father had been killed a few months before their birth, the guardian decided to ship them off to separate schools. This was the sever that cut the tie between he and his sister; being sent to an all-boys school, he never learned anything about his twin sister.

Growing up, Vincent went through bouts of anger. Many teachers thought his outbursts were a result of grieving over his deceased mother, though others just thought that he was a problem child who couldn’t be helped. At times, he could feel the bond that he still shared with his sister; he felt that something was missing, though he could never figure out just what it was. This led him to become even angrier, upset that he couldn’t figure out what really rested behind his anger. At the age of 10, he was taken from his school and to a secret location, where he was reunited with his sister and enrolled into the Order.

The mood shifts that haunted Vincent disappeared in the presence of his sister. In a way, the two completed one another. The missing link that he had always felt was gone had been found. Though he still had an anger attack every now and then, the Order taught him how to channel his anger in fighting with the Shadowkind. He quickly learned how to control his emotions and just as easily became someone that the Hunters kept an eye on—his excelling abilities as a hunter helped them choose he and his sister as members who would venture down to Sunset Glades, FL.

Season TwoEdit

With the chaos unraveling in Seattle, Vincent and his sister Victoria were busy setting up base in Sunset Glades. Preparing the city for the any attacks that it might suffer from the quickly growing forces of the Shadowkind, Vincent was the one in charge of setting up the various houses that would protect the Arcanists and Arcane Protectors once they reached their new home. Taking refuge in a little apartment with his sister, the man found his anger and tension boiling under his skin. The treatments that had been his saving grace back at the Enclave weren’t doing much to calm his temperament once the fight began once again.

Finding a rival in the form of Micah Clementine, the arduous battles that the two went through against one another never brought out any Vincent. The Leopold Hunter fought fiercely against the Protector, though Vincent always matched him in strength and endurance. Even when it seemed like a battle between the two might have a secured Vincent, the other always managed to make a last minute comeback to save their life. Around the time that James Archer captured Margaux Bontecou, the hunter found himself pitted against Micah in a fight that no one knew the end of.

With Victoria being taken captive by Micah, Vincent found himself struggling to get his sister back. A month passed with her in the Leopold’s captivity, and Vincent kept himself fighting to get her back with the rage that flowed throughout his veins. Once he did, he suffered a severe knife wound from his rival; he did manage to escape with Victoria, who helped him get back to the base and healed.

After his fight with Micah, he was flooded with contempt and regret at not being able to kill the man who had tortured his sister. The cause still rested within Vincent’s mind, though he found himself slipping from the words of the Order and focusing on exacting revenge on the group that had caused the Arcanists—and more importantly his sister—so much pain. Often he’d hunt alone, letting his vicious drive for vengeance fuel him.

One night while out hunting, the man stumbled across a giant battle that included a missing Arcanist and a deadly Shadowkind—a basilisk. Helping out Gavin as much as he could, Vincent quickly realized that the two of them were no match for the oversized predator. In a last ditch effort to save one of the Arcanists he was born to protect, Vincent distracted the Basilisk long enough for Gavin to open up a gate. He met his fate once the gargantuan serpent devoured him while he was stalling.

Magical ArtifactEdit

Crystal Pistol: This item is the same size as a small handgun, and consists of a crystal shard attached to an ornate pistol butt and trigger mechanism. Pulling the trigger actives the psionic energy stored inside the crystal; the energy strikes a single target designated by the user. The shooter may choose to have the device deal nonlethal damage instead of harming the target, which comes in handy during training sessions. The target must be within 130 feet. The crystal pistol can only be shot three times per thread.