William Mayfair
General Information
Domain: Abjuration
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Family & Friends
Family: Neona Mayfair (sister)
Clover Mayfair (cousin)
Behind the Scenes
Portrayer: Stuart Townsend


Born in Liverpool, England, William was the eldest out of he and his younger sister, Neona. He often took the protective role over her, defending her in school or anywhere else that she went. Oftentimes, he was laid back and easy going; at least until you messed with his family. He didn’t take kindly to anyone teasing or picking on any member of his family, and he was quick to stand up to anyone who opposed them. Sometimes, he allowed his temper to get the best of him, though most of the time he kept himself cool and collected.

Growing up, his cousin Clover often was found in his company. Neona and he often played pranks on her, though they were never harmful or cruel in nature. Eventually, he did grow out of that stage and became the man that he was widely known for being. Taking an interest in mechanical physics, he pursued similar topics in school and eventually received a teaching profession down at a local university. Throughout his schooling and his learning, he never gave up the hunt.

Having been taught how to hunt by his parents when he was younger, he liked to take his younger family out with him on trips. Usually taking an offensive hand against the Shadowkind, William mostly did so that his cousin and sister never had to be directly threatened by their enemies. His parents taught him how to be an effective hunter, and most of the time his desire to hunt was fueled by his desire to live up to their names.

Though as he grew older his hunting died down a little bit, he often tried to keep in touch with his family as much as possible. He moved up relatively fast in his profession, causing him to become boggled down in his work and leaving little time for him to hunt or to see his family. Eventually, he received a phone call from Neona, her sharing with him her desire to visit their cousin Clover in the States.

Convinced by Neona to go with her, the two made their way to the local subway station in his town. There, they found themselves in turmoil: two wraiths were terrorizing the vicinity, claiming multiple people as their victims. Having no choice but to use their powers, they caught the eye of a group of people who had been hunting them for a long time: the Leopolds. Once the two Shadowkind had been eradicated, and the people had fled, the two Mayfairs found themselves trapped down in the station by the ones hunting them.

The Leopolds kept them trapped down in the subway station for two days, occasionally showing themselves to fight the Arcanists but not doing much damage to them; at first, they were only toying with them. Once they had the two Abjurers tired and weak, they all attacked the weakened two – killing them ruthlessly for their cause.