Zac Sterling
General Information
Domain: Conjuration
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Hair Color: Brown
Family & Friends
Family: Larson Sterling (father)
Elle Sterling (mother)
Gavin Sterling (brother)
Hailey Sterling (sister)
Vanyel Sterling (brother)
Relationships: Clover Mayfair
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: Season One
Last appearance: Season One
Portrayer: Jared Padalecki


Zac was born to Emilie and Joshua Smyre in the hills of Carmel, California – or, so he thought. His life was ‘shrouded in mystery’. He had two older sisters, Gabrielle, who was four years older than him, and Valerie, who was two years older. They were a tight-knit family, with only a few sibling rivalries here and there. Mostly, the kids confided and bonded with each other, relying on the constant companionship they had for survival. The Smyres moved around a lot, too fast for the kids to make any real friends. They often complained to each other, wondering why – it felt as if they were running from something, though no one ever could figure out why.

On Gabrielle’s 12th birthday, her parents took her aside from her siblings. From then on, she never once complained about moving, not having any friends, and she never made up stories or wondered with the other two what their parents were hiding. She became a little more protective over Zac. History repeated itself on Valerie’s 12th birthday. On that day, Zac was left in the dark about what was going on with their family. He became restless.

On his own 12th birthday, he had expected some sort of frightening change. He even feared, in his childish mind, that they were vampires or part of a cult. Before he ever got a change to ask, though, they were attacked on their way back from a family dinner – right in their driveway. He was told to hide, and he did; he was forced to watch his family slaughtered by figures in black cloaks. He ran away. Two weeks later, CPS picked him up. He became restless with the nightmares that haunted him. He felt as if he were being constantly watched. He was passed from foster home to foster home, and deemed a ‘problem child’. One year, once he was sixteen, a strange family took him in: members of the Edict of Leopold.

He lived with them for a while, but the evil hatred in them towards him he could feel as plain as day. They had no other adoptive or foster children, which seemed creepy to him. One night, they attacked him, and he immediately knew that it was those people who had killed his family. He escaped, journeying through Washington and eventually reaching Seattle. At 18, he managed to get a job, a sad looking apartment, and started taking classes at an adult school. He continued learning and working until he was 27, where fate decided to reveal to him his true roots after all.

Season OneEdit

One night while working as a bartender in a club, he crossed paths with one Clover Mayfair. The charm of the Abjurer quickly enticed the male, and the visits between the two became more frequent: he was her break from reality, and she was his breath of fresh air. He had no idea that the secrets that would soon be unraveled would all spiral outwards due to their chance encounter. The intense feeling of something soon to happen kept creeping up on him, though it didn’t feel as terrorizing as it had before.

Clover and he went on a date to a Dunkin’ Donuts, though it quickly turned into an event that really twisted his life around. Thanks to the magical Divination powers of Margaux Bontecou, it was revealed that he was the long-lost brother to Gavin Sterling and Hailey Sterling. Zac found out that he was the son of Larson and Elle Sterling, who had left him in the safety of a church. Having done so in order to have a member of their family still out there in the case of a extremely terrible emergency, the family had never been able to seek out their son. Gavin had only been two when Zac was left.

His adoption records had been kept confidential, and even his birth certificate had been change. His family had gone through a lot of trouble to keep his true life a secret, to keep his Conjuration abilities a secret. He was born to keep the bloodline alive if it died out. Unfortunately, the revelation came after the loss of his younger brother, Vanyel. Zac never got to know him, though he quickly took to getting to know the siblings that he had left.

Zac became a natural at tapping into his gifts. He had little trouble wielding the mana that flowed throughout his veins, and he became a skilled fighter against the Shadowkind that threatened his family. Driven by a desire to protect those he saw as a second-chance at family, he vowed not to let them fall in battle. He continued to grow closer to Clover, which would ultimately lead to his downfall.

The two fought side-by-side in the war. They were one another’s strengths, though they also served as the others weakness. Clover was killed by a group of harpies, and Zac was so filled with rage that he was blinded by it. He fought back with intensity, though he found himself up against a more than worthy opponent: a Gorgon. The female creature took one look into the Conjurer’s eyes, coaxing his skin to turn to stone with her gaze. The last breath that Zac took mentioned an apology to his family. The twisted Shadowkind shattered his statue-body, laughing as the blood-splattered rock fell to the ground.