Zara Iorio
General Information
Domain: Illusion
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Family & Friends
Family: Calogero Iorio (brother)
Cristiano Iorio (brother)
Alessandra Iorio (sister)
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: Season One
Last appearance: Season One
Portrayer: Odette Yustman


The second eldest of the prestigious Iorio family, Zara wore the family name as easily as one of the outfits she designed. From an early age, she was brought up knowing the ideals and expectations that were the staples of her genealogical history. In many cases, Zara was blunt and could (and would) tell the truth, even if it hurt. She felt that she owed it to the masses to tell them her true opinion of them, even if they didn’t like it, and that they should be grateful for any word she offered them.

However, she could also cajole and flatter if the need arose, and if it was the only way to get what she wanted – though, these cases were few and far between. Oftentimes people thought her either spoiled or frigid, and of course it was these sorts of people who only knew those sides of her.

During the kidnapping, Zara had questioned what right the strangers had to take her away from her papa and momma. Although she tried to appear unafraid, the truth was that she was very much frightened and she had stuck close to her family until the Arcane families’ parents had came to rescue them. Throughout her capture, however, Zara had spoken to the Leopolds exactly how she had felt about the rough treatment they inflicted on the Arcane children.

Years later, when her elder brother, Calogero, decided to take it upon himself to antagonize the Leopolds, she wrestled with the inner conflict of whether or not she should let her parents know what was happening. She was right to have questioned herself, and although Zara never found out who had told about Cal’s actions, she regretted not having told her father sooner when he arrived home with her grievously injured brother.

Zara’s favorite city was Roma, and she often spent nights going to the clubs, occasionally taking Lorelei Ashford with her. However, she always kept her self-image in check, not wanting to appear as a drunkard socialite. During the day, she was a successful fashion designer; it was her hobby, as well as her passion.

Season OneEdit

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